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  1. I joined this site some years ago once I had become hooked on Bo2 - tranzit to be specific and I was generally blown away with 3 of my friends. I don't think we have had a gaming experience quite like the first few plays of the map and at least 1 person always missing the bus with disastrous yet hilarious consequences. While we had all played Kino, i make no exaggeration when I say we struggled to really get past the first doors because we would always wait for dogs with our pistols and eventually go down being the noobs that we were. While we understood the need to buy doors I gue
  2. It is not included as part of the base game. It was originally a bonus for ordering the season pass. I believe it can me purchased separately for a minimal amount. It's a fun map!
  3. I believe that the number does decrease if a player leaves, however I couldn't tell you if it happens immediately, next round or something else entirely.
  4. Tranzit is indeed included and is the baseline map for BO2. the great news is that you will also have some smaller maps that is effectively the different areas of tranzit. enjoy and tell tedd the bus driver hi!
  5. If i had to guess id say soe to rev would be MR6 and ZC maps (minus origins) would be the M1911. But in the grand scheme of things I really dont care. The reddit meltdown over it was just an indication of how bad that sub is now.
  6. Back again... Requesting: Kills IV Rounds IV Playtime I Doors All Bo3 Easter Eggs Complete - BO3 EE's What I would like to know in regards to some existing medals: Grenade kills - can that now only be done on COD's prior to BO3? as far as I can see there is no longer grenade kills and only explosive kills. Earn all achievements in Waw/bo1/bo2 - can I just clarify this is all achievements across zombies/mp/campaign and not just zombies? Playtime, like the other achie
  7. Requesting Revives, Perks and BO2 EE's in favour of richtofen. I think you should also implement a new medal(s) for completing all of the bo3 EE's (Time Fixer/ Fixed in Time) as well as a medal for doing each of the main story EE's from every map released from treyarch to date. (Interdimensional Traveller) Richtofen's Servant Vid
  8. Big shout out to the codzers I've been grouping with the last couple months, definitely been on so fun rides! looking forward to ZC!

  9. The Big Smoke aka London, UK
  10. 3  codzers looking for 1 more for shangri la EE tonight on Xbox,  any takers? :) 

    1. Smok3y


      You're already in our group lol ?!?! Hahaha

  11. @anonymous agreed! We have a long overdue game of tranzit!
  12. Smok3y

    Easter Zombies

    Ok! Well Easter is Upon us and some excellent news from ATVI with the final completion of BO2 BC. Lets see if we can get one session up tonight and take it from there: I suggest the first game at 8.30pm GMT / 4.30 EST tonight on BO3 as at this stage I dont have all the info in terms of consoles, dlc etc. @Blurryface @InfestLithium @Spider @RadZakpak @DaveLo07 @NaBrZHunter @RequixEclipse You guys and anyone else game for tonight? Let me know otherwise it will be a lonely although welcome revisit to tranzit tonight! If you cant do tonig
  13. Smok3y

    Dlc 5

    With BO2 now BC that is effectively the final nail in the DLC 5 coffin as far as I'm concerned. always hope I'm wrong!
  14. Smok3y

    Easter Zombies

    Ok well I could be wrong but looks like we have 5-6 of us including myself so far and still a few responses that could come in. I currently have: Blurry, Infest, Spider, Radzak, DaveLo07 and myself. If everyone could state which platform or I will just presume it is xbox. Even if we have 4 of us I we could still do some coop or a 2 vs 2 scenario so very keen to do this, currently spider needs to be after 6pm GMT and Radzak before Sunday.
  15. With a hiatus from zombies and gaming in general, Easter is always a great time to dust off those consoles for some of us that don't have the play time we once used to! Similar to the Thanksgiving tourney hosted by the frabulous Mr. Jay (that i ended up missing out on) I wanted to find out who would be interested in doing something similar over the long weekend. Of course we would need a minimum of 2 teams and can be organised per console and then look at what maps everyone has access to. Personally im on xbox with access to all maps DLC other than WAW DLC. I'm sure we can ge
  16. Can't wait to explore bus route C to find out how many more orbs and rays I can see.
  17. Not sure if I missed the deadline! But I voted for Radzak. His story book book has kept me entertained on quite a few long flights over the last few months and I'm pretty certain when it's done I'll get the whole thing bound. top effort!
  18. Unless it's been patched, only the host needs the summoning key and gate worms and everyone else will get the rk5 also upon successful completion of the entire EE.
  19. Time for an unpopular list. If you said to me you wanted to play any map across treyarch zombies I would say: tranzit gorod krovi verrukt die rise This is based on the nostalgia of playing those maps. i typically play 1 map at a time and then leave it for another. I'm currently playing mob getting the old achievements. Love the atmosphere, in principle afterlife is ok but had my first experience of having 3 lives and not being in a position to escape which was shitty. MOTD and origins won't make my list and I haven't played moon enough t
  20. happy christmas and new year my z slaying chums x !
  21. I believe that is the perkaholic calling card from crate drops
  22. I have no idea where i'm pulling this from but i remember reading something about how they were old assets left over in the game files as they would bring stuff from the old game into the new to work on. With that being said do not let me dissuade you from EE hunting, there is definitely stuff still to be found!
  23. Sorry the radio silence, Im unfortunately now away in South Africa for a few weeks with work so off the gaming scene (and its killing me!). Would love to hook up with you guys when im back and for those celebrating, enjoy the turkey and mac & cheese :)
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