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6 teddie bears not 3?

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There are many objects, but just like in WaW the teddy bears are holding the items you see in their hands when you go to shoot them. The two secret perks on The Giant are Deadshot Daiquiri and Stamin' Up. In order to get those you must throw a monkey bomb in each teleporter, then activate it. After you've done that, go to the mainframe and press the red button on the panel you see on the railing near the PaP machine. Either Stamin' Up or Deadshot will appear on trenchgun side where the snow was piled up in the corner.

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Hi guys ! (I'm French, so please, forgive my bad bad English...) Look, i was running on the map, feeling the zombie's breath on my neck, then i turned back and tried to blow up his leggs with a grenade, just opposit the PaP. I think grenades are importants because a red Flashlight appeared when the explosion touched me and the zombie at the same time, with a short part of music. Music like an old russian's red army's song. I made a short video on my Xbox but can't post it here because it's to large.

Hope it can help to progess!

Like your Work ;)

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