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  1. Probably just an in game effect and nothing more.
  2. 1. The annihilator is just an reward for completing the fly trap easter egg since there seems to be no achievement for it and the gun is a one hit kill. 2. Maxis basically answers this question with his own words. Saying that the beacon is lit in reference to now knowing what timeframe they are in. 3. This has been explained already. It flies through SOE because it had been teleported through time and space and ended up in The Giant. Nothing more.
  3. I noticed that she made this video only to show us the EE, but didn't include the tutorial as well. Someone commented below the video asking how she did this and she was very vague and avoided revealing how she had found this. So sad to see that people in this community have sold out and won't just share the information because now it's all about who uploads it first and gets the most views for money. It's definitely cool that this was found, but just the way it has been gone about is sad.
  4. Let me be the first to say welcome to the site! You will soon find out how great of a community this is. Any time you want to play zombies go ahead and count me in :)
  5. Still unable to see recent posts....

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      @Hells Warrrior No looks like I am unable to see the most recent reply under The Giant from @PINNAZ

  6. I believe those lights appear in relation to the secret perk being activated. I seriously doubt that has anything to do with the main EE. It could be some gltich, but more likely an in-game effect for the secret perk like I said previously. The moon getting brighter is probably no different. Most likely not an EE. I'm already considering there is nothing more. The flytrap was it.
  7. I agree with @steviewonder87 about there is most likely nothing left in regards to the easter egg on The Giant. I know each character says certain things that make us think there is more, but I believe they are hinting towards the next map in this "new" storyline. We should all really begin to ready ourselves and accept the fact that there is nothing more to The Giant.
  8. Unable to see recent posts...

  9. This is IowaGaming's post claiming the easter egg is legit. I used the snipe tool on my computer to capture this and the overall quality and originality of the photo is the same as it is in his post. ------ Now this is the same image, only me pointing things out in which I see why it is fake. There are purple and red hues around the green light which is evidence of photoshop or some other photo editing software was used. I don't believe a "photo detective" or scanner can pick up traces of lighting edits. I also tried looking such a thing up, but didn't find anything, however I could be wrong, but the likeliness of that is small and I'll show you why. ------ Both of these images you see below are from @The AfroNinja27 not IowaGaming. He is only showing how easy it is to recreate what we see in Iowa's original post and even though they are at different angles, both his and Iowa's are shockingly similiar which is enough to say how fishy this all is and is most definitely fake. Compare the green lights on the teleporter maps on The Giant to these and you will not see any purple or red hues around them. There is very little chance that it is a glitch or even a shader issue. I believe this isn't real and was merely just a stunt possibly for views, subs or 5 minutes under the spotlight. The video I posted above about the light flickering from green to yellow on the teleporter map is far more legit and is something we should be focusing on, not this green light on the wall that I wholeheartedly believe is fake.
  10. I don't know what your problem is bro, but go look at IowaGaming's twitter photo. Then check this out: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/3tw432/the_green_light_easter_egg_in_the_giant_was_faked/ And it's clear that Iowa photoshopped the image in which he uploaded. Not "someone else." I'm new here yes, but very far from being butt hurt. Someone such as yourself seems to be upset if you are making assumptions like that. Chose to believe it or don't, but to me and a lot of other people its proof enough.
  11. Really man? Look through all these posts, I'm not repeating myself for the hundredth time. If you are that close minded and can't see the obvious photoshopped edits done to the picture, then that's your problem. Look through reddit.
  12. Are you referring to the green light picture? If so, the picture was already proven to be fake.
  13. Well I'm glad there are more believing that it was fake. I saw those posts on Reddit and I hope he gets backlash for what he did. Isn't right at all.
  14. I kinda like that SoE isn't a camping map. Keeps me on my toes and my reflexes sharp haha.
  15. Yes, but its like a 50/50 percent chance that this is legit. I don't think the video was edited to make it seem real, but then again we don't know.
  16. The video looks promising, but I'm taking things with a grain of salt. So many lies so far and so much milking, hard to say what's legit and what isn't.
  17. I found this on Twitter: A PS4 player apparently activated this somehow.
  18. Look through the tweets. He has been trying to grow his community as stated multiple times. Something like this would do just that, but as you see on the image it's definitely fake. Compare the green light with the green lights we see on the teleporter maps throughout The Giant. No red or purple hues. Then Iowa says he doesn't want to release gameplay because he doesn't want the bigger youtubers to upload it first. We are all a community and that shouldn't matter. Therefore, he is a douche, which isn't uncalled for. The proof is right in front of us that this green light is, without a doubt, a hoax.
  19. Yep. This guy is making these bs videos for the views and subs. This will only educate newcomers, which isn't bad, but shouldn't be made since hundreds of videos have already been made a few years back and be easily found.
  20. None of that information is new. It was all covered years ago. The items next to the teddy bears are being held by them, that's why you can't find them. It's been like that since WaW and even BO1. Also, there has only ever been 3 teddys bears and not 6. If you ever played the original you would know this.
  21. Yeah I see that purple hue around Iowa's original picture he had posted. This is fake. I heard that he has been trying hard to grow his community base and subscriptions on YouTube. What a douche.
  22. Definitely. Treyarch has really weakened the effectiveness of the Wunderwaffe. I've been using the other weapons like shotguns or the Drakon.
  23. It happens when you are playing with other people as well.
  24. I saw the tweet from Iowa Gaming showing off that green light "easter egg". He definitely doesn't know how he had activated it, but at the same time, TheJFKGamer had asked him a few times to post the gameplay so that we could all figure it out. Iowa refused because he said he didn't want to reveal it so that the "big guys" could post it. Seems fishy to me, but I guess we won't really know for now.
  25. Well the KN for me, stops killing them as quickly at around round 23 so having a Dingo or BRM should be something you consider. I like using the HVK or ICR as the assault rifle. I'll start at the cat walk and run a train around the whole map so I'm not confined to one area and am less likely to get cornered.
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