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No Giant Achievements?


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Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed with the fact that there are no achievements or trophies for this map?  It looks like such an awesome map, but it'd be a bummer to do a cool Easter egg and not get any credit for it. 

It seems like a direction they could possibly be going in is remastering the Black Ops 1 maps with the younger characters.  DLC pack 1 being Kino, 2 being Ascension, 3 being Shangri La, and 4 being Moon.  That's just speculation, but I hope if they did, they'd get some kind of achievement list.

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It's interesting how they planned that with The Giant, that had to of been on purpose.  No way their primary map can get leaked that way (and it doesn't help that the file size is so massive that they didn't want to put it on the disc).

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Griffin Station, 1945 could be very interesting. The bounce pads weren't even there at the time. Neither was the teleporter linked to NML, and who knows, any number of pieces of infrastructure probably weren't there either. We may have access to a whole nother area. Moon is still the greatest map ever IMO, and there is a whole area that we never have seen. So many questions unanswered. I think retro Griffin Station + would be epic. The Moon still holds some of the greatest mysteries in the story. 

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I really hope we don't see anymore re-made maps. I'm all for nestalgia, but I didn't pay 110$ to play slightly diffrent versions of the same map. Honestly even the giant is starting to look like der-reise without the PPSH, Double barrel, and tommy gun.... 

My theory is that with each DLC they'll have a big map, then a remake, similar to how they did moon and the WaW maps, but spread out.  Kino would be DLC 1, Ascension would be DLC 2, Shangri La would be DLC 3, Moon would be DLC 4.  It would be a creative way to bring the old maps to the newer systems.  I'm not sure if they'd do Call of the Dead, unless they got the old celebs back or cut them all together...

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Why do you think The Giant would have achievements in the first place? I don't believe Nuketown had any and it's basically in the same boat as The Giant.

To be fair, you can't really put 10 achievements in that map. It's a very basic map with no new features that was only made because of Nuketown's popularity.

It's kind of the same situation regarding the popularity with The Giant, except there is actual new story and new features in this one. Plus, Der Riese also had achievements as well, so they have something to work off if they don't even do new ones.

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