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We are so sorry for the prolonged downtime today, it should have been live 6 hours ago, before the US woke up or just started to wake up.

Unfortunately and sods law, just as I clicked a certain function, it broke. The 1st time it has happened throughout the betas and the release candidates. So again, please accept my apologies.

Anyway, we have decided to take the plunge and go live today with just the forum - the rest is following soon. A few things are new and a few things will be here soon. I'm still adding things but wanted to get it live ASAP. and then add the bits n pieces we need.

The medals will not be live at first, they will come back in due course, the app is just not ready,

I'll put a proper post together soon explaining what's new and whats changed.

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It looks cool as hell. :3

A couple of things that bother me though: Loading times are kinda long as of right now, the Avatar does not display on the Forum and lastly likes are gone which is a shame cause I always thought of myself as a silly but likeable person. :P

I am sure most of the stuff will come back though as you said.

Other than that; Great job, staff! :-)



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This is a very early version of everything, we will restore the vast majority of the features from the old site in due time. 

Also, likes and brains are effectively the same thing for now. Just click this little arrow button here: 


Hope this helps! Any more issues, I'll be hanging in the Chat for the next few hours, just come and talk to me!



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Please allow for backgrounds processes to run and to allow the cache system to catch up with the pages and save them as accessed by members, once this all happens the speed will or should improve - at the moment processes are running wild in the background but can only be activated upon users accessing the site.

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For anyone who comes across any sort of error on the site, please let us know through the site's new bug tracker. The bug tracker can be found at the top of window on the menu bar next to the chat. When you post what bugs/errors you run into there, it makes it much easier to sort through what errors people are seeing. Thanks.

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The site itself (previous forum) was basically put together to get the forum migrated from PHPBB to Invision but to try and keep the look and style as much as possible. The plan has always been for the past 16/18 months to brings this to you but this new software did not officially get released until recently.

The design has been in place since December, with a few minor amendments and adjustments need to be done once live.

It's apparent we are running slower that anticipated and some topics are taken an age to load, this was not happening in the beta testing stages of this site or in fact the main invision forum site. Lots of background processes are still taken place, memcached has been enabled and content is being cached for guests to reduce requests for the same page (cached for 180 seconds).

Once all the background processes are out of the way, we will then check the performance and then raise any tickets we feel are needing to be raised regarding speed (it's no different on the default theme).

If we need to consider more RAM, more CPU and SSD to increase read and write speeds, then it is an option we will need to investigate. We are at the moment, pretty optimised with regards regarding the server but we could do with upgrading php/mysql again as we aren't on the most current version but we are on a stable and quick version. We may consider a different database system such as MariaDB / PostgreSQL but performance testing would need to be carried out to see which is better of them all for us (MariaDB is pretty much the preferred choice these days).

But yeah, it was due an overhaul and it needed modernising and I'm glad that we have a responsive site design.

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