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Something to keep in mind with Destiny as well, is they aren't marketing it the way they should be.   It appears to be running a modified MMO marketing scheme.   So unless you're willing to shell

Read everything up until MAM post so I decided to buy it this week. Can't make a first impressions post yet because of the updates, but I will let you know. I especially liked Afro's explanation. T

Here's the problem.  You can't treat this like a Call of Duty campaign.  You aren't getting the full story.  Treat it like an MMO.  The base game is a great game, sure, but you are missing some of the

Should be 31 tonight....got lucky and found the head and chest piece while farming, then got to the bridge in Moon raid and got the raid arms, was a pretty good day but for once my ascendant shards are looking pretty slim.


Saw someone get fourth horseman from the first chest in the raid too, even worse is it looked like it said I got it lol

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Have got 1 of my characters up to 31 with 2 raid pieces and the other close to 31 now. Damn shame we need to grind it out with Eris in order to upgrade our weapons/armours, and even more annoying that is all seems to hinge on the raid again to get these new radiant shards and energies but I suppose it is early still so I guess we are all in the same boat.


New upgrades Suros is working out pretty well for me too. :D

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Maxed out my Monte carlo finally, basically infinite melee shields lol



Bought two exotic engrams from Xur this week, first one I got a new Warlock helmet that is made from Hive skulls, +36 light. And I got a Titan helmet that looks like a biodome with octagon mirrors on it, also 36 light.


Still leveling up my raid arms so I should be 31 soon, I'm really bummed out that after all this time I don't have a definite raid team....it sucks so bad gathering randoms and listening to all the BS that comes with it, would be nice to have a consistent team to knock this crap out every Tuesday.

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So, almost a week after the expansion hit, I have 3 31s (all different classes *cough* @swappingspit), and a successful Crota clear to my name. I got the Hunger of Crota, which is pretty much a Hezen Vengeance with a faster RoF and Tracking instead of Extra Tube Size. Seems pretty cool, but I really want that Black Hammer. Boss fights will no longer exist with infinite crits. 


Bought 4 Exotic Engrams from Xur this weekend, and I was amazed at my awesome pulls.


I got the Skull of Dire Akhmara (the only pre-DLC Warlock item I was missing), the Knucklehead Radar (only pre-DLC Hunter exotic I was missing), an upgraded Helm of Saint-14 (my favourite Titan exotic, which, now upgraded, made me a much more powerful 31) and the Arachnid (the new Hunter exotic helm which is crazy good and gives me incredible range and accuracy in Golden Gun)


Fuck all from my 3 VoG Hard clears as well, still no Fatebringer or Praedyth's Timepiece. Would have to be like my 40th Templar clear on Hard. Fuck.

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I feel your pain Naitrax....I've been trying to get Fatebringer since....well since about a week after the release when I found out about it. I was just happy to get the Vex Mytho FINALLY last week....


I have a lvl 31 as well, all I need is the chest piece....and about 100 new shards to complete my set to lvl 32 lol



On a plus side, I'm about 3/4 more exp until I get rank 3 with Eris, I'm lvl 2 and a quarter at the moment and once I rank I can fully max my MurMur, and spend some of these Black Wax Idols I've been hoarding (almost 100).


I'm going to have sooo much heavy ammo lol

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Good lord, my Husk of the Pit has changed absolutely everything.


Since getting this gun, my RNG has taken from continuing to roll down this barren hill full of shards/energy and has begun to make its way back up toward the peak of Exotic-ness. Levelled my Cryptarch about 4 times today, been grinding Vanguard Roc all day (along with finally deciding to level Crucible, so did all of the last few days bounties. Need that sweet HC TFWPKY 1969) and have decoded about 10 Legendary engrams today (got nothing of worth from any of them :(

Gjallarhorn, you must be mine.


Upgraded my Husk into the Eidolon Ally (hit Rank 3 with Eris today, had to use the double bounty trick to get here. Got that sweet Blade of Crota emblem and maxed my Murmur.)


Beat Crota for the last time this week, got just 3 Shards. I've got loads of Shards and no gear to spend it on.

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Well after the patch that came out just before the Expansion Pack I have been getting just ton of legendary engrams and exxotics compared to how many I previously got.  I have also found 3 new legendary ships. Which two of them are those giant ships one is Iron Banner and one is Crucible variant (red and blue).

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Upgraded my Monte Carlo from Xur so I have something worth while to level up (again).


Got a legendary arch fusion rifle last night, I forget the name but it's something .1


And a pretty cool legendary auto rifle that reminds me of the first gun you get in the game, it looks and sounds a lot like a CoD gun, the name is Do Gooder V, and does Kinetic damage.

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Holy fuck holy shit my life is almost complete right now holy fuck


Just had the world's best hour, finally hit Crucible Rank 3 and bought myself the absolutely terrifying Saterienne Rapier (Scout with high Impact + Firefly and Outlaw) and used it for a Roc strike. Finished that and got the Gloriole Jump (Gloryhole Jump) ship and received a blue engram which filled my primary slots. Out of a sneaking suspicion I check the Tower to see I have something waiting at the Postmaster. Head down to the Tower to see what it was...

Fucking Hard Light. The only Exotic primary I was missing.


RNGesus thank you so hard right now. All these Legendaries turning into Shards has just been wiped clean, it was building to this. Thank you my lord.

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so i re-purchased this game on xbox one now that i've upgraded and i was delighted to see that my character was saved!  So i played quite a decent amount of destiny on 360, and never got a single exotic anything. not from engrams, not from chests, not as quest rewards, nothing.  so i had some empty space for bounties and decided to do one in the crucible for finish 5 rumble matches or something.  boom first game i finally get an exotic sniper rifle lol.  still only a 21 though.  the game is still fun though, so maybe ill start the grind up again here

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Went in crota raid solo, first try the chest was in the closest spot, all I got was new radiant energy....



Oh, and a freakin Dragons breath!!!!! Going to go buy a lottery ticket now lol



oh and how do you reroll items???


I got that Dragon's Breath from the same chest in the same circumstances. 1 more Exotic now, Sir Gjallarhorn, and shall be the owner of all the possible exotic weapons on Xbox. 


Reforging is a thing that only works with Iron Banner weapons. You had to have it equipped then talk to Lord Saladin and he would give you the option, for two Motes of Light, to reset the weapon, but give it completely new stats (secondaries and heavies could change elements too). I grinded up IB Rank 4 from rank 0 yesterday and one win would have put me to Rank 5, but unfortunately the event ended at that point. 

I only ended up getting one dropped weapon, and sadly it was the one I wanted the least, Perun's Fire. I rerolled until I got a sweet Void version with enhanced battery, quickdraw and perfect balance. Damn nice now.

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My quest, my long and arduous journey in hopes of a Fatebringer is over. I did it. I finally found one. However, I decided to continue to run it the other 2 times with my group, and it was such a good thing I did.

I got a Praedyth's Revenge (already had one) and some shards. Not bad. Got the chest and got some energy.

And on the third run, I got ANOTHER Fatebringer, and some energy. Now, this is where it gets interesting. I went up to the chest in the maze, and remarked about how I'd never found an Exotic inside. We open it, and I see 3 loading icons on the right of my screen. I thought "Wow, I finally got an exotic! Too bad the only weapon I need is the Gjalla-"

I stopped, dead in the middle of the thought. The icon had loaded. It was a Gjallarhorn. I was lost for words. I kept repeating how this must have been a dream, that there was no way this was real.

Since the VoG only gives Exotics that cap at 300, I'd have to wait until Xûr sold the upgrade for it...

He's selling it this week. Right now I have the 331 cap Gjallarhorn in my inventory, along with two Fatebringers. 


Merry Christmas, Guardians.

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I'm going to have to break something if psn don't let me on for this damn gjallahorn upgrade! Whole vacation time wasted.

I've lost count of the hours I've sat refreshing psn lol even got up 3 hours earier to try before most people in America are awake and I only got it to load my friends list, now that's even gone.

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I'm going to have to break something if psn don't let me on for this damn gjallahorn upgrade! Whole vacation time wasted.

I've lost count of the hours I've sat refreshing psn lol even got up 3 hours earier to try before most people in America are awake and I only got it to load my friends list, now that's even gone.

I got in earlier on and got to upgrade my Gjallahorn when changing your MTU setting to 1473 worked but unfortunately now the whole PSN is down again.

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I remembr seeing those numbers on twitter but when I went back to check I couldnt find it, so thanks.


So I've been hearing about a primary sniper rifle, anyone got it yet?

It's No Man's Land and Xur is selling it now. It's probably the worst exotic there is so no reason to buy it apart for novelty purposes.

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