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this is interesting

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i was just going through some leader boards and everyone knows there are a bunch of modders on it so i went to their theatermode player channels almost all of them were empty but one game i came across  was a farm survival game.


they noclipped off the map went through the mist and ended up in town, bus depot, power ect. so in all the survival maps are the whole  tranzit map. all the doors were buyable and wall weapons too althought there were a bunch graphical glitches like black boxes everywhere mainly stuff like random items on the floor and shelves.


but what surprized me the most what that zombies were still able to spawn everywhere.

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I've seen people glitch out of the map in Survival/Grief before, it's not a troll, Boom. 

If you move away from a location, most of the models in said location will be replaced by those black boxes you mentioned (or disappear altogether) in order for the game to still run at 60 frames.


The reason you're seeing them is because the game messes up and thinks you're in a different area than the one you're actually in. (Say you're playing Survival Farm, then noclip your way to Town, the game still thinks you're in Farm thus won't render Town's models correctly)

This happens with noclipping.  Ever noticed how the screen fades to black every time you're switching between people to spectate? It's the game quickly de-activating and rendering the correct models.

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I stand corrected, unless you're in on it Slade *eyebrow raise*.

Yes Boom, it's all a conspiracy! They are going to hunt you down now.

It's certainly interesting to know that, does that mean they are multiple perk machines too?

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its on the farm survival solo leader boards.

leader board rank:42


go to his player channel and go to the farm survival video marked as wed. april 16, 2014, 2:59 pm

in case you cant find it i have recorded him at 6x speed and saved it,

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Huh, I thought the Grief maps only loaded the area that you were fighting in. :S



All Treyarch probably did for Farm was add some code that renders the gates unbuyable and (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS INBOUND!) spawn a crap ton of debris for Town.


Which, in my opinion is horrible.


TranZit is huge and if Treyarch never intended for the player to leave the area they really should have removed all items not in use, keep a few surrounding objects too make it look more "real" but you know what I mean, or use LOD models. (LOD is a low quality model that looks like a legit building, but has no collision and very low textures, however, when the player is far, it looks like the building has spawned, but in reality, it spawns when the player approaches)


Then we'd all notice a HUGE FPS increase.

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