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  1. Welcome to the forums Ulysses. Hope you enjoy your stay at the marvelous undead forum. ill be sure to add you on psn when i am next on
  2. Wow, this is interesting. Makes me want to go have a look now.
  3. This! Way too many times, should stop using my desk as a footrest.
  4. RaidDzn


    Great catch good sir! Didn't think anyone would know it.
  5. This also happened to a friend of mine. But when i checked the leaderboards he still had all his stats, just wasn't displaying it for him.
  6. RaidDzn


    I'll bring the chips.
  7. RaidDzn


    Hey guys, Raid here. Been browsing the forums for a few months and only just a couple of days ago decided to create an account. Let me talk a little bit about myself (hopefully in a non-pretentious way), I am an 18 year old Australian zombie slayer, Favourite maps include Verrukt (Round 34 high with 2 people) and Mob of The Dead (31 with 3). My interests include playing zombies (nah, Really?!?!?) and Music. I also enjoy creating things in photoshop and sharing them on YouTube hence the Dzn after my name (short for Design). I hope to become active in the forums with my opinion on anything Zombie related. Thank, RaidDzn c:
  8. Welcome to the forums RaidDzn :)

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