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  1. Wow, this is in-depth even for a zombie theory! Although it's a very interesting idea I don't think Infinity ward would be bothered making such a confusing timeline, hence the inclusion of Intel instead of Easter eggs and secrets. A good theory none the less!
  2. I remember one I heard for Origins. Basically he d apparently thrown a grenade at each generator and various things around the mound and then a hatch opened up to complete the real easter egg. Haha,no.
  3. Your so nice. Thanks for the help! Now I'm determined to finish this guide!
  4. If my Extinction guide could stop screwing itself up thatd be great. This is gonna take a while to fix...

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    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I've fixed the formatting issue. It appears to have been copied from elsewhere - as the formatting of it isn't using the IPB bbcode and therefore isn't parsing correctly.

    3. NinjaNick


      I copied over some of 83457 reply into the main post. That was probably the problem.

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      Stop Mocking Me0

      i had an issue like that, ended up just going back through it deleting the code.

  5. Once on each map! *epic background guitar riff* Yeah, I make it to the last area all the maps so many times and screw up. May day and nightfall were in Solo while POC was 4 players before I had ever prescribed. I am now prestige 3 level 23 and enjoying extinction a bunch. If only any of my friends played it :/
  6. First of all, updated! Thanks for the help guys! Second of all. WHAT THE F$CK HAPPENED TO IT?! I'm gonna need to clean this up, big time.
  7. Hmm, interesting. I forgot to check that out, I'll do a major update on that guide soon.
  8. Two-time Tequila Cost:3500 This perk is interesting as it has various diffrent effects. It's most prominent is that is doubles meelee speed and also speeds up off-hand animations like drinking a perk a cola or setting up a new weapon. It also has a secondary effect. You can retool a mystery box for half price (similer to the hacker on moon) but this also works for other random things like wunderfizz. This perk also has one more secret effect, knocking another player while you have it will temporarily give them the effects of the perk. The perk would be a black liquid with a bright yellow logo of of arrow in a circle. And an X2 in the middle.
  9. I found one the first time I played, still haven't found one since! I have all the tablet Intel. As for nightfall I just need to get to the final breeder fight again and I can get that last intel!
  10. Just made a borderlands topic! I wonder if anyone else here plays it?

    1. Naitrax


      Sorry man, there already was a topic for it.

    2. GRILL


      I merged them, it's all good though! We should have some good discussion leading up to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

  11. It would be difficult to make but extremely rewarding!
  12. Well I personally really like Bayview, all gun types can work on that map. I also like octane blitz when the enemy dissent camp at the motel portal.
  13. Share you referring to where you are (which is probably glitches) or the Kracken? If it is the Kracken it's probably because of where you are standing.
  14. Don't forget about Dempsey using the new army model in the Origins Cutscene
  15. Ok, updated it with all non-dlc cryptids! Points are still in progress, could use some help... just go kill some aliens, take note of the amount then report back here. I'll start working on DLC aliens.
  16. Well my friends and I getting one hit kills on mayday, I'll go test it a bit more.
  17. NINJANICK NOT SO AMAZING GUIDE TO ALL THINGS EXTINCTION Classes having different players as different classes and play to your strengths, for example I am good at avoiding enemies so I usually go Medic. Specialist: This iss the first available class, more based for those who like to kill as quickly and as much as possible. You start with a 20% boost in bullet damage Upgrade 1 gives you the ability to switch weapons faster, faster moving while ADS and fast offhand use. Upgrade 2 grants faster ADS Upgrade 3 will give you faster reloading The final upgrade give you a total of 50% bullet damage increase and your bullets are in a tighter spread when hip-firing. TANK Suited for those that get up,close and personal with the cryptids. You will start with 25% more health Upgrade 1 give 25% melee damage (with this you can 1 hit kill scouts) NOTE: This is only in solo mode Upgrade 2 bumps your health up another 25% (so now you have 50%) Upgrade 3 will increase health AND melee damage 25% (putting your total health to 75% and your melee damage to 50% The final upgrade will double your ORIGINAL amount of health AND damage (so you have 100% extra on each now) ENGINEER For those you like to use traps and protect the drill, also for the big-spenders. Upgrades: You start with the ability to earn more bonus cash (the money you get from destroying a hive) and you provide the drill with 25 extra health NOTE: this is only if YOU place the drill. Upgrade 1 will give you a faster drill repair time. Upgrade 2 earns you more cash from traps Upgrade 3 gives you more protection when you are repairing the drill, as in you take less damage while repairing it. It also makes traps last longer. The final upgrade gives you more explosive damage and trap damage while also increasing your maximum cash to 8000. Medic: For team players, you get a boost in speed and you don't take scorpion damage. Upgrades: Initially you will only revive players quicker Upgrade 1 will give you increased protection while reviving other players and slightly faster movement speed. Upgrade 2 gives you a longer Sprint and teammates will regenerate health faster when near you. Upgrade 3 allows you to not take damage from the scorpions acid/gas The final upgrade give you much faster movement and unlimited distance for your health regeneration ability. Each of these classes have a special ability that you can unlock in the armory (each one costs 15 teeth and requires the Devestation map pack.) Weapon specialist has an adrenaline rush, greatly increasing damage and taking away the need to reload, nearby teammates will also gain more health, this skill will gain more time and power the more you upgrade weapon specialist. The tank will make all cryptid s only attack it and he becomes invincible for a short time, enemies will be stunned by hi our melee attacks. The engineer creates a forcefield which cryptid s cannot pass through. The medic is surrounded by a green ring, any players in the ring are healed or revived if in last stand. CRYPTIDS The enemies you fight in game, each dlc adds one or two enemies. There are also boss enemies which have a visible health bar on-screen. Scouts The most common enemies, prefer to try and overwhelm you rather than attack individually. Cash earned: Standard:60 Critical:90 Armour/assist: 30 Seekers Small aliens with red sacs all over their body, the will explode when they get close. On POC and nightfall they spawn from meteorites that land on the map, on May day they spawn randomly. They do not make an appearance on awakening Points: Normal: 50 Critical: 75 Shield: they do not have a shield (from what I know) These also make an appearance on the multiplayer map 'unearthed' in which they have greatly increased health. Hunters: A more powerful cryptic that has armour on its head, they are faster than scouts and do much more damage both to you and your equipment. Points: (In research now) Scorpions These cryptids look like scorpion (hence the name) and fire acidic gas from their tail, although the initial shot does not do much damage the gas that is left will do increasing damage the longer you stay in it (although the 3rd medic upgrade will negate this effect) Points Normal:200 Critical:? Shield/assist:100 Rhinos The tanks of the lot, they have plating on all sides except from their mouth (in which you will do normal damage) They require an armour upgrade to be hypnotized by the hypnotic knife (although hypno traps work fine) Points: Normal: 1000 Critical: N/A Shield/assist: 500 Leapers These only spawn when their specific challenge appear, one will  spawn and travel around the outskirts of the map. They look like hunters except do not have the red glow Points: ? DLC CRYPTIDS Phantoms These appear from Nightfall onwards, they are blue hunters with much higher health and the ability to disappear while they jump Points: 1000? Speeders These replace scorpions on May day and not only have the ability to fire acid but also spawn spores. They appear to be yellow seekers. Points: Normal:1250 Spores The turret like plants spawned by seekers, their hitbox is tricky and sometimes your shots won't count. Although alone they are virtually harmless they can quickly become a nuisance. Points: All:25 Gargoyles These flying cryptid s appear in Awakening and have the ability to melee attack and fire shots at you from their tail, try to take them out quick. Points: I play PS3 so I cannot check as of now. Bombers Appear to be tiny yellow glowing gargoyles, will simply divebomb you and explode. Points: See above statement BOSS CRYPTIDS Breeder You fight this giant beast twice on nightfall. The first it will stay facing one way but in the final fight its more of an arena and it can turn 360 degrees. It will only take damage in the mouth and in the final fight the belly if you knock it over. Kracken This monstrous cryptic is by far the largest . Early on you will fight the tip of one tentacle but in the final area you will face this alien head on. Use the turrets around to your advantage against it. Equipment and devices (courtesy of 83457) On screen, you will have a D-pad display with your chosen Loadout items on it; before the game, you will go to Loadout and pick 1 item from each of these 4 categories; Ammo Type, Team Support, Strike Package, Equalizer, as well as picking your Class and Pistol Type. Class types, pistols, Loadout items are all described in the Loadout Menu, but the prices are not. Loadout Purchases; Ammo Type/Cost. Up on D-pad. Ammo 1250 Stun 1000 Incendiary 1200 Explosive 1250 Piercing 1100 Team Support/Cost. Down on D-pad. Explosives 800 Feral 800 Armor 1000 Booster 700 Random 900 Strike Package/Cost. Right on D-pad. I.M.S. 1250 Mortar Strike 1500 Trinity Rocket 1300 Sentry Gun 2000 Vulture 2200 Equalizer/Cost. Left on D-pad. Portable Turret 1100 Grenade Turret 1000 Crowd Control 700 MK32 Launcher 2000 Death Machine 2200 THE DRILL Drill: the drill is what you set down to destroy most hives. In Mayday, it also cuts through some doors. The spots are marked with an orange 'Destroy' symbol that you will see when holding the drill. Doors will be white symbols with 'Door' printed on them while holding the drill. The drill will appear to have a blueish outline and a blue symbol that says 'Drill', when nobody is holding it. The drill has a meter in the upper left corner while it is drilling. This downward-pointing meter shows how far along the drill is by filling up from top to bottom as it goes. Just before it ends, there will be some clicking sounds, followed by a high pitched whine for the last few seconds of drilling. ~~In progress~~
  18. Just had my first game and got to the venom-X bit. I like this one more than the other 2 because Its tighter and more intense, also the crafting and extra areas are great. Planning to play it a lot on the weekend.
  19. Hey, I'm scottish and have psn! Awesome.
  20. For Clancys' s quote alone I love this! It's a great idea. I can imagine it now... So many deaths and so many victories!
  21. I love creating characters so this would be an awesome idea, I can finally slay zombies looking like me! I think they would make DLC packs where you get 4 costumes and you can use the parts from the costumes seperately. Like the new extinction squad pack in ghosts.
  22. I once heard him say it just while starting generators but it is an interesting quote nonetheless.
  23. "What an eggamazing day easter is!" -Jack

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