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  1. TEX_715 ACCEPTED And it it either me or my brother on he switches to his account when he plays zombies (he never does). but doesnt when he watches netflix so i may look like im on but i might not be.
  2. the listing has been removed or I just cant find it anymore but I still have the saved video so if u want to see it you would have to add me as a friend XsorburaX
  3. its on the farm survival solo leader boards. leader board rank:42 Name: GG-LOGY go to his player channel and go to the farm survival video marked as wed. april 16, 2014, 2:59 pm in case you cant find it i have recorded him at 6x speed and saved it,
  4. I don't recall seeing any perks but the box is either at or floating like 10-20 feet above all the spawns
  5. I always though on the survival maps it was just the little maps with nothing beyond the fog
  6. oh yeah they went to power and for the most part looked like a white pit and even the PaP hallway
  7. i was just going through some leader boards and everyone knows there are a bunch of modders on it so i went to their theatermode player channels almost all of them were empty but one game i came across was a farm survival game. they noclipped off the map went through the mist and ended up in town, bus depot, power ect. so in all the survival maps are the whole tranzit map. all the doors were buyable and wall weapons too althought there were a bunch graphical glitches like black boxes everywhere mainly stuff like random items on the floor and shelves. but what surprized me the most what that zombies were still able to spawn everywhere.
  8. when I go to watch my games of town in theater the church is boarded up and when I went in front of the door I heard crickets chirp or something of the sort
  9. i havent noticed anything on multiplayer only on origins still interesting though
  10. for me this happens every game but whenever i splitscreen with my friend whoever is on the bottom screen the planes in the sky are frozen in place the fan thingie on the fronts of the planes are still spinning but the planes dont move has this happened to anyone else
  11. it looks like he was playing solo because no one was watching the crawler and no player arrows was on the top of the screen but it could be that the other players arrows were on the sides or bottom and if the raygun was the cause he would of been pointing it down and would have downed himself
  12. on Bo2 origins whenever me and my friend split screened the planes were just hovering in place for whoever was on bottom screen
  13. i found a video on youtube which was very hard to find of a person seeing green lights on the teleporter and the pad its not very good quality looks like he used his cell phone
  14. hello everyone im new to this site and been playing zombies for a while i have all maps on Bo2 and kino five and classic zombies on Bo1 i do not own WAW but is wanting to get in all the custum zombies thang and maybe even map making i have a ps3 and my PSN is xsorburax so farewell
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