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Paralyzer can be used as a jetpack?

Speedo Cola

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I have been playing around with it a lot, haha, but what you do is press Right Trigger, then jump, and it will shoot you FAR up. I use it mainly to jump from the church/house/courtroom area to the Cage Area. It's a life-saver, and can help you in many ways. I'll add a video later.

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Has anyone else noticed if you have flopper and pick up the new wonder weapon you will lose flopper and not be able to regain it (at least for me) until you get rid of the weapon. Noticed this after i was using the damn thing as a jet pack and had fall damage on the way down.

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Not only can you fly using the paralyzer, you can also give your team mates a boost up into the air. This can be done by shooting the paralyzer straight and have a team mate jump on top of beam & simply flick him into the air. It's great for setting up traps by jug, maybe even chalk up the AN-94 upstairs.

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I hope this feature is actually a part of the weapon and not just a bug...

It's built into the game. Most maps if you try to go above the obstacles, you hit an invisible barrier. However in this map, anytime you fall onto and non-navigatable surface, you do a series of bumps until you fall onto a correct surface. This way, you can fly nearly any and everywhere. They also incorporated this into Die Rise to fix the slide bugs.

Also, the characters will shout things if you bump into things.

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