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  1. I got to level 75 playing solo and gave up because rounds were lasting about 30 minutes a piece & it was 11am in the morning & I was too tired to go on. I can post proof later on if needed.
  2. As promised I made a highlight video of this gameplay, It took me forever to finish. (I HATE BO2 Theater) I'll add captions to the video tomorrow when I'm not as tired explaining some of the game play, hope you guys enjoy! I'll most likely give it another shot at beating my personal record in a few more days. I doubt a video will be made, the theater is a headache! mobile: h2of14H-txY
  3. I made a post about this already, here is the video I made up for this trick. Really helps out with getting perks & everything early rounds. If you feed Leroy candy by chalk lines I don't believe you receive points. mobile: jdRObUW0nuY
  4. Haha yeah I got a bit cocky/greedy running out for that x2 in the beginning of round, on top of that I had 55k points on me! LIKE I REALLY NEEDED x2 RIGHT?! I tried to make a video of all the highlights of the game but of course the theater errored on me, I'll attempt again tomorrow but until then here is a video I made from this game of me trying to make crawlers. Look how many I made with one grenade! mobile: QUVJdqJajuw
  5. Well that was disappointing, just went down level 42 because I ran for a x2. Should have played it safe, oh well... Ranked 22283 in the world Solo with 2222 kills & 125 head shots.
  6. Yes I know it can be done with the Ray Gun's but I'm using the Galil & HAMr to gain points & I'm keeping my time bombs just in case I lose my perks. When I tried I threw 3 grenades inside the fountain & it didn't blow up. Haven't went back yet but I'm going too as soon as I can save a crawler. I'm currently on level 36 at the moment, I'm posting up at jug right now with no traps set down right now using the Pack-A-Punched Paralyzer. Does anyone know what the max amount you can put in the bank? edit: Just went back threw mansion to Pack-A-Punch & got my Galil and HAMr Pack
  7. I'm having the best game of my Zombie COD life right now, I'm on level 30 at the moment & I'm completely set up. I acquired all 7 perks already & I'm currently holding a Pack-a-Punched Paralyzer, a Galil, & a HAMr & I also have time bombs. I've deposited over 70,000 into the bank already. I have been downed once in early round, I forget how but this was after I got a free perk from ghost & I only lost 1 perk. I'm considering making a crawler soon & go back to Pack-a-Punch & hook my Galil & HAMr up. I'm having trouble blowing up the fountain in the maze with gren
  8. I also gave that some thought & actually tried it & it did not work, possibly try pack-a-punching it.
  9. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I was looking for, very informative! I've also noticed while flying out of upstairs courthouse with the paralyzer & land on top of the box it sometimes appears you get a perma perk, not sure what it is though.
  10. FOAM

    8th Perk?

    I can confirm that you don't need to complete the EE to have 7 perks. So the question is what's the other perk?
  11. He is right about using Leroy to carry the crawler but I suggest if you are doing the Richtofen EE side you do this before the shooting gallery step & have Leroy follow you to the maze that way he will stay in the maze out everyone's way. You have to use the portal in order to keep Leroy in the maze.
  12. I've stayed up to 7am the last three days on this last step on both sides of the EE ONLY TO GIVE UP! I hate this step with a passion but luckily for you guys I just found an in depth video with the best places to stand for all locations & the patterns! FINALLY I can attempt to complete this EE with conviendents in hitting every target. mobile: http://youtu.be/XRA5vT2x6ho XRA5vT2x6ho
  13. YUP Per Barrier! That & chalk should set you guys up REAL nice early rounds. :twisted:
  14. No problem man, I was shocked myself when I found out. :shock: Thought I'd share with everyone, might come in handy for the Pack-A-Punch Round 1 achievement! Also I've noticed that when the game starts & you are going to let Leroy out if you give him the booze & step out of the cell before he breaks the barrier it can give you another booze inside cell. Doesn't always work, I've noticed this while playing solo & I haven't tried it yet on multiplayer.
  15. I recently found this trick out earlier today, well yesterday actually. (Haven't been to sleep yet) You can gain large amounts of money by using Leroy to break down barriers with booze, the trick is to get him too run from a long distance. The further back the more points you get, I made a video with most of the barrier locations to get an idea of where some good areas are to give Leroy the booze. moblie: jdRObUW0nuY
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