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Hello fellow zombie slayers!

I have recently acquired info on how to begin and do the easter egg! I have tried these steps my self and they do work so dont worry about being trolled! THIS GUIDE HAS THE COMPLETE RICHTOFEN SIDE (as of current)! I will continue to add info as i see them and will cite the sources properly. So without further ado, let us begin!

Before you start you MUST build the navcard table

The basic items currently needed: -sliquifier


-power (on)

-4 players

So a quick intro:

The battle rages on! Maxis and Richtofen compete to gain your trust and complete their side of the war! Neither side has a clear outcome of their plan but they will help you on your mission! Choose wisely.....

Step 1 (Joke): Find a good team

-As always, a good team is better than randoms!

Step 1 (real): The power

-Get to power and turn it on. The easter egg can be done with power and is actually necessary.

step 2: the tiles

-There are several tiles in elevators all over die rise. locate the 4 (one per elevator) and stand on it at the same time. This should light them up

-Now you must look for 3 other tiles on the floor. There are several locations for these so look around. They must be activated in a specific order.

Step 3: The sniper and the balls

-So we have all heard of these magic balls and we are like "How do we shoot em down?" Well, you probably had the wrong step. First, one must get a sniper rifle (the SDV is best but it doesnt matter). Then, since step 2 should be complete, you can now shoot the orbs (best place to shoot from is spawn IMO). This will cause them to disappear and reappear at the starting room under the feet of the Lions. Then audio can be heard.


Step 4: Killing spree (MAXIS SIDE) (Special thanks to user optimus, GT zombies, and TZ for these next steps)

-So it seems you must a kill a lot of zombies in the Budhha Escher-room (the room after the AN-94). After a while MAxis will exclaim: "Enough!".

Step 5: Have Krauss Refibrilator, Will revive (MAXIS SIDE) (I dont know who to thank so my most clear source is NGT Zombies)

-You must now have an upgraded ballistic knife. Then Russman must down himself while he has Who's-who. Revive him and Maxis will speak of energy fields and such. JUST TO BE SAFE, DO THIS IN THE BUDDHA ROOM!

Step 6: The Lions Balls (MAXIS SIDE) (Again, Thanks to NGT Zombies for providing this step)

-You must now take the orbs from under the lions. Have one person take one and another person for the other. Everyone must now get trample steams. There are 4 lion tiles on the map. 2 near spawn (one in spawn and one near the elevator) and 2 near the tower (1 is buy the lone elevator and the other is around the roof top). Have the Trample hover over the tile until it sets. Once it sets, it cannot be moved. Place the orb on it when prompted and it will fling it towards the tower. [/ color]

Step 7: The Tower and Mahjong tiles Finale! (MAXIS SIDE)

-Similar to the Richtofen side of the Easter Egg, You must now acquire the galvaknuckles. Look for the Mahjong tiles on the map which tell the order. Please refer to NGT Zombies easter egg guide to learn which specifically mean which. When you have the order ready, use it on the tower. Again, if you have completed Richtofen's side, this is the same idea.

Step 4: The Sliqifier (RICHTOFEN SIDE)

-What is an easter egg without some Wonder Weapons to liven things up! You grab the sliquifier and take it back to spawn. Use it on the balls under the lions paw until they spin. Richtofen will then be pleased and will speak.

Step 5: the Zombie tiles on the floor (RICHTOFEN SIDE) (Special thanks to users TZ and Steezy for this next step!)

-There are 4 Zombie tiles scattered in a few places. Find all of them and have them facing the spire. Launch zombies continually into the tower using the Steam Flingers. After a while, the "Blood sacrifice" will suffice and some more sparks will appear on richtofens dragon.

Step 6 FINALE!: The Galvaknuckles (RICHTOFENS SIDE) (Special thanks to Steezy for this final part!)

-So Basically one must buy the galvaknuckles and use them on the tower. There are your blue edges that need to be knifed so as to power the spire. Knife them each a few times and the spire will illuminate power! CONGRATS! Richtofen is pleased! High maintenance is now unlocked :D ....Except it isnt as easy as randomly hitting it. They must be hit in a certain order. Hidden on the map are several mahjong tiles. Each one represents one pole of the tower. Check out NGT Zombies guide for where they can be (will add video when i get home)

Hint: The dragons tails will light up signaling the progression of Richtofen or Maxis side of the easter egg; The navcard table can be built but the actual reason for it is still unknown.

THIS GUIDE HAS COMPLETE RICHTOFENS SIDE! I am looking to the rest of the community and fellow EE hunters to help and continue the hunt! I have merely posted the steps i have discovered through research. Please feel free to add ANY info that will help with the solving of this complicated EE. I will give proper credit to any info that is added.

Special thanks to the NGT zombie team: Spiderbite, Hypermole, And their other 2 associates (will update names when i remember). They have helped me get started with the easter egg and i hope this will help you all get started as well! Thanks to TZ and Steezy for their info on the lion tiles and what to do with them!


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Good guide so far but let me tell you that the first Step 1 is no joke! Call it Step 0 because having a good team is important as balls in a ballpit.

Secondly, be wary of the people who don't want to use the Sliquifier glitch.

It certainly wouldn't be a ball pit without the balls.

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Good guide so far but let me tell you that the first Step 1 is no joke! Call it Step 0 because having a good team is important as balls in a ballpit.

Secondly, be wary of the people who don't want to use the Sliquifier glitch.

I dont actually believe this is a glitch. I think this was there by design. However, within the next few days, if it is changed, that means it will work well.

I aplogise to the person above you but how do i take pictures? I do not own a capture card and i am not a very talented computer worker :( . I dont know how to post screenies. Please ANYONE PM me on how to do this.

Thanks for the advice and keep hunting!

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I think that step 2 is wrong. Instead you need to activate all 4 symbols on top of the elevators. There's 2 in the area with the work bench for the trample steam and 2 on the roof by the dragons. The first one is the elevator down the ramp by the dragons and the other is on the roof outside of the room with the tv in it. All 4 players need to jump or be by them to activate them.

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Next step for maxis side (2 players take the balls)

GO to the room with Buddha's in it and kill zombies using snipers, once you kill enough you get a quote about how something has been revealed on the Map.

I think at this point when you go down in Who's Who in that room or somewhere else on the map, you will be able to interact with something.

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Secondly, be wary of the people who don't want to use the Sliquifier glitch.

Exactly. It is STUPID how people will justify what is CLEARLY a glitch just because they want it so badly. It is the EXACT same thing people did with the Hacker on Moon. Last I checked, that was a GLITCH. If you do that to complete the Easter Egg, you're a cheater. You might as well have hacked the game in my eyes. If murder completed the Easter Egg, would you kill someone to get the Achievement?

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MurderMachine, I would think you better than to use Reductio ad absurdum to make a point. Shame. Granted he is correct, if it is a glitch (which I believe it is) then this must be doable with a single sliquifier. If it truly isn't then it's unfortunate that this bypasses whatever intention Treyarch had. However this EE certainly has held people at bay for quite awhile compared to some of the BO1 EEs.

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I don't adhere to refraining from using fallacies in everyday talk 24/7. My point stands. I know for a fact that the Easter Egg does not require both of them. And the fact that this Easter Egg has taken as long as any Easter Egg SHOULD take is no excuse to begin cheating. It's not the cheating I dislike so much as is the CONDONING of it.

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10-13 rounds?! That is unreasonable beyond belief. Even Moon only had 100 zombies.

I'm assuming there is a set number of zombies you must kill in order to activate Maxis' quote. Perhaps you do have to kill around 100 zombies in order for it to be triggered. The same happened with the 115 collection spree on Tranzit; however, the number was about 30-ish.

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I'm offended. I believe that the credit should go to MrDalekJD for the Maxis killing spree! Just joking ;) (Even though we did find it on the 30th xD)

I'm at college atm and am trying to extend the Maxis EE in my head (I assume NGT and others are focusing on Richtofen because he actually gives a clue - get blood)

I have some thoughts. I won't post them because I don't want to be labelled as "troll" when they don't work. I'll be back later. If anyone wants to actually try out my plans, PM me.

Good luck.

P.s. I don't think Who's Who is as important as you might be hoping - yet.

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Sorry to be like this but credit for the killing spree is actually mine as i uploaded a video on it then axel from NGT actually said on my video that they will give me credit..but they din't. I then posted on their vid saying about me getting credit for it and thay axel said yeah sorry i forgot to tell the guys. If you don't belive me then check out the upload time, mine is clearly out 6 hours before there video is and axels comment is there =D.

My Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJz6i3NN1LM

skip to 3:08

NGT Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shQIAyyJHac

Also we found 4 lion plates check the video out here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdGky40tNH4

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