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Turned Tips and Strategies


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After a good amount of time playing non-stop Turned, I found something out.

I'm pretty good at this.

So, I want to help you all out with some strategies that have been helping me out.

Playing Zombie

1. Always rush the human! Don't give them a chance to take a breather. In fact, let some of your "teammates" ahead of you. 9 times out of 10 they will be killed, giving you a good opportunity to lunge at the human player while they cycle their gun.

2. When attacking, use both LT and RT. This makes a sort of lunge attack when near the human, making them much more easier to kill.

3. Don't move in a straight line. Always approach the human in a snake shape. Curve your patterns, make yourself unpredictable! It's much more harder to shoot a waving zombie than one that is coming right for you.

4. Grab those red power-ups ASAP! I cannot stress this enough. These will help you in the long run, especially the Nuke. If you see a red Nuke, go directly for it. It will either stun the human long enough for you to kill them, or it will actually kill them, crediting you the kill. NOTE: Also, try to go for the blue power-ups as well. Be careful, though, as these can be obtained by either a zombie OR a human.

5. Be knowledgeable of the human spawns. There are four places for the human to spawn in.

-Inside the Diner

-Lava area outside the Diner

-Between the garage and the Diner

-In the field by the shed

The most common place for a human player to spawn at is in the Diner, however, if they were killed in the Diner or the lava area, they will spawn as far away as possible. This also applies to the other two spawn points. If your zombie "teammate" ends up getting the kill, check the area furthest away from where they killed the human. Although you won't see the orange aura, it will still surprise the human player when they see a zombie coming right at them as soon as they spawned!

Playing Human

1. Be in an open area. Don't get yourself in a corner, or trapped within the Diner. These places give you less room to breathe and manoeuvre away from the zombies as you keep cycling your weapons. Good areas to be in are the field by the shed and the lava area.

2. Get a good sight-line of the zombies. The zombies can see you across the map due to your orange aura, and unfortunately, you do not have the same advantage. Keeping an eye on where they are coming from will help you immensely.

3. Use aim-assist to your advantage. When a zombie player is near you, quickly tap the LT and then fire. It will auto-aim right at where the zombie was. This helps greatly when using the Executioner and the M1911.

4. Get those green and blue power-ups. Like with the zombies, the most beneficial power-up is the Nuke. It will kill all zombies on the map and force them to respawn, giving you some time to breathe and get to a better area. Also, be wary when using a Monkey Bomb. Although it helps a lot, it takes forever to prepare. This can cost you your life if you're not careful with it.

5. If you know you're going to die, but you see a green or blue power-up, go for it. It'd be better to waste the power-up on you than to have the next human get an advantage.

Now, that's all I have to say for now. Hopefully, these tips will help you in becoming an excellent Turned player!

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Your first tip to always rush the human contradicts your tip to let teammates ahead of you.

Also, I advise ALTERNATING LT and RT. The two arms attack independently of each other. Therefore, you are giving a constant barrage.

Finally, this is more for my sake, but I want to list all the Power-Ups, because this match adds a whole bunch:

Max Ammo

Double Points




Fire Sale

Bonfire Sale

Death Machine

Perk Reward


Bonus Points


Anti-Max Ammo

Anti-Bonus Points

Anti-Perk Reward



Anti-Double Points


Blue Max Ammo

Blue Double Points

Blue Nuke

Chained Cymbal Monkey

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I love this game mode turns out I'm pretty good at it too :)

I want to add to your list.

When playing as a zombie:

Don't be afraid to be sneaky, I like hiding just behind some cover and waiting for the human to run past or other wise be distracted.

Another good one is to hang back in cover while other zombies rushes him if he kills the zombie you'll have enough time to sprint in and kill him while his weapon cycles.

If you see two zombies rushing a guy you want to be the third rusher, he may get lucky and fend off the first two, but 3 times is the charm.

Use walls, Cars and and everthing else as cover I've used the Diner counter very effectively in this regard. All you have to do is line up the orange glow with a solid piece of the map. His line of sight will be broken and he won't be able to shoot you.

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No matter how many times you knife a zombie, they won't die unless insta-kill is on. I got a little lucky today and was practically rape training two other guys, I kept knifing them in the back repeatedly and they wouldn't die.

This also applies to the Colt M1911, unless you were lucky enough to slug around two clips into zombie's head.

If you are a human and you are weary of cycling through weapons, may I suggest that you constantly move in a zig-zag formation. Standing still is never an option when changing weapons, and going in circles allows for another zombie to get you from the side (given the other is at the opposite side). When you move in a Z-formation, you are causing the zombies to be confused on where you're going. Their movement is 2.5x than a human's speed, and almost 4x more when sprinting. Rotating your camera around rapidly doesn't affect them like AI zombies.

If you are a zombie, learn to focus on the weapon cycling period. As said before, have one zombie go out to be a decoy, then follow up from a different angle. They'll least expect it, and won't be able to escape since their weapon is not loaded yet. Here are some interesting techniques I found in regards to human spawn locations:

- If a human spawns in the diner, use a decoy to go down one aisle while you go down another; if you decide to go solo on this one, I'd suggest that you take the aisle near the side opening (where the clock is).

- If a human spawns near the back lava area right in front of the diner, run through the diner, hide behind the cars, and dash in a zig-zag formation to eat some flesh successfully eliminate the opponent.

- If a human spawns between the garage and diner, run through the garage (staying close to the wall) and sprint out of the door to take him/her down. You may want to time this while another zombie comes after them.

- If a human spawns in the field by the shed, run through the garage. You have two options: rush the human while zombies come after him/her on the other end, or wait diligently behind the truck until they are clearly not facing your general direction. It's the perfect position for any occasion.

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