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And the plot thickens...


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Please write a short description about your topic & what you think about the YouTube clip.

There's probably a few spots that you can climb using the Jet Gun. I don't think this is anything exciting.

And is it worth it? You get downed every time from the height it which you fall.

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I know there's nothing to land on in the video.. And don't want to get my hopes up.. Doubt it is relevant.. But what about other places, not the silly utility pole like in the video.. Are you saying you can blast upward and land higher up on something anywhere?

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Well iv always wondered if you can get on top of the bar since zombies come from the other building and then jump down that hole. That's just a idea that iv always had. I think it would be cool if it was possible but if not no big deal there's more to come!! :D

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:idea: *ding*

Reading this reminds me of an idea I had a few weeks ago.

At that time I was running around the map with the other parts from the bus, looking for places to put the ladder and the cow-catcher. This, because of the paintings you see all around the bar; the guy with a ladder crossing lava.

The only place we see but haven't been able to enter is the part across the power, clearly visible with the No Fog-glitch (see Youtube).

So, could it be possible to get to the higher part of ground across the powerstation using the jetgun. From the powerplant or the bus in front of the power?

Just like in the painting there is a small piece of lava to cross, higher ground ánd the jetgun is build in the bar.


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