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  1. I've seen the orbs enough to know they aren't glitches. I see them at the box in dinner after I threw an emp. Also in the town after an emp on the traffic light. Blue all the time because I've powered the tower for richtofin.
  2. I haven't seen many people talking about the four or so suspicious trucks around the map. One is in the tunnel crashed into a wall. Another one is near the outhouse by the power, crashed into the wall. There is another by the Crush you have to go the shortcut to get, pretty sure crashed into a wall. I'm not sure of the rest, I think there is one by the cabin but I'm not sure. Anyway, all of the have doors just like the one at power you can open with your turbine instead of waiting for the power to go on, or the one that closes down there. I've tried myself using turbines to open them and nothing happens. Maybe if we get the Avogadro to zap them there might be something in there. four emps maybe. I have a feeling to continue the story you need to have four people. So if anyone else knows what I'm talking about, I've yet to even see anyone try anything with them.
  3. Ok so I seen a comment on these forums of it being tried, although the player didn't use a turbine and have the thing on. I'm guessing it's a dead end.
  4. I wonder if you can do that in the hole in the roof at the bar in town....
  5. Has anyone tried to trap the Electric guy in an electric trap under the tower? Seems like continuation has to have something to do with each person maybe having one of the build-able objects and using them together somehow.
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