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  1. Could you please post the tweet? I'm looking all over SpiderBite's feed and can't find it for some reason (or perhaps it's because of my eyes drooping that I can't stay focused, haha). I think SpiderBite tweeted the complaint to see if the PS3 not having it was actually proof of a glitch. As for that particular area...I'm not sure why. The game has glitches anywhere, but would you ever think that some important piece of gameplay would be found by simply looking at a laundromat door? It just doesn't add up; perhaps it you could interact with it using the action button ("X" for Xbox 360), then we could make something of it. Haha no problem I found it for ya. I hope this link works: https://twitter.com/NextGenTactics/stat ... 0277650432 It was retweeted by Peter Livingstone one of the Zombies Tech Leads. I would've thought they would be embarrassed by such a big glitch if it were one but who knows. You're probably right though, it doesn't seem to serve any purpose so it's probably nothing. The only thing I could seem to justify it with is that it could potentially tie in with the story of the Tower of Babel (God making everyone speak different languages {different platforms get different light shows} in order to confuse them in completing the tower)...That's probably a massive stretch though...which is what comes of weeks without any solid leads haha.
  2. Actually I've seen screenshots of the PC get the beams and even some lightning bolts...don't know what that's about. I want to call glitch but I was looking through one of the zombie devs twitter and he RT'd a tweet from SpiderBite complaining about how he couldn't get the beams on ps3. If it wasn't intentional it seems odd that they'd be proud of it. And why does it happen in the first place? Why that door...
  3. There's nothing to land on you just die if you get high enough. There doesn't seem to be any purpose for this at the moment but it is funny.
  4. Did anyone else notice that the other player that went down just before this happened was Russman? Stop Rus anyone? :lol:
  5. Could this be why in that megaman2dk video it shows him as invincible from zombies after Richtofen laughs and the white flash occurs in the bank? Perhaps he can impact the game more than we are currently aware...
  6. Is the title of the map 'Die Rise' or just 'Rise'? I could be wrong but I'm thinking just Rise as I remember the BO1 DLC posters had words like 'Survive' before the map name (Call of the Dead). Die could just be there for kicks. Either way I'm excited ;)
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