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  1. Ok, first of all; in this post I'm NOT pointing in the direction of the mod's but to the new members. Like myself. I've been visiting this forum since the release of Black Ops 2. I thought (and still think) the multiplayer sucks with it's stupid spawn-system. For that reason I started to play zombie's. As a zombie-noob I needed a place where I could find starter- and later on pro-tips to point me in the right direction. This forum was a great place for info like that. I could ask for help and even share my thoughts with zombie-veterans. But.. The last weeks I noticed that tons and tons of (mostly) new members are spamming this forum with new topic and don't seem to use the search-option. Topics can go from page 1 to page 5 in like 24hrs. What used to be a dedicated place on the web where zombie-players can discuss new directions is now a message-board where people seem to randomly shout there wildest idea's. Topics about the laundry door, tons. Topics about that electric beast, tons. Topics about the continuation of the EE's, tons. Topics about the damn church, tons. This has got to stop! People! Serious! And don't point in the direction of the moderators. Yes, it is there task to keep a watchful eye on what's happening and if people aren't spamming. But you have to agree, this is a task that is starting to get impossible. Come on, if you can build a turbine or knife a zombie twice, then you are also capable to use the search-option!! Let's change this before it is too late... Have a nice sunday. HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT
  2. It's a great topic but I'm just wondering if it isn't better to focus on Black Ops 2. The idea is great but a lot of 'not really necessary' text about old maps.
  3. Found a video about it on YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8QBkz-ge3g
  4. Thanks.. Finally a nice signature.. :D
  5. Well, this sounds like fun... For now I'm at 42%, be prepared to change it as soon as I hit 55%, lol...
  6. Tjeerd

    EE Reset

    Last week I posted a topic about how to reset you complete zombie-stats on Ps3. I used it because I started as a newbie and got stuck because I had like a million deaths. On the kills leaderboards I ended in the top 30.000 with 75k+ kills but didn't got any further then the skull. Use search to find my topic. After the reset I lost my NavCard and all the money on the bank, must work on the EE I guess...
  7. Nice.. Now they can focus on introducing the option to play ONLINE with 2 or 3 people... For now I'm done with Zombie's online
  8. Why? Why is there no option to play with a friend (or 2). Makes zombie's less fun, so frustrating when people (without a headset) do just what you don't want them to do or leave in a high round because they get downed.
  9. Damn.. Elite is really trying to piss me off and doing a great job.. That website doesn't ever seem to work correct. On the 'total kills'-challenge from last week I made 10k kills (cause the rest are MP-players), shows one of my friends as the leader of the challenge with 7k kills. Last time he played zombie's was about a month ago. Yesterday the 'headshot'-challenge started. Because the 2player-online-'thing' didn't work we played a custom game. Just wanted to see if that headshot's also count for the challenge, guess what..?! The same friend shows on the leaderboard 6k+ headshots... :shock: What the fuck is going on..!? Two more questions: 1) Do custom games count for the challenge? 2) Did the patched the 2-player online lobby thing where you both use a second controller and let the second contr leave just before the game starts? Now the game ends...
  10. Question: Is the 2 player online 'thing' patched? I mean both using a second controller and leave just before the game starts? Yesterday my friend and I tried to start a 2 player online survival game for the headshot clan challenge and we couldn't get it working. When trying to leave using the second controller the game got cancelled... Think that would be a bloody shame because I'm still not sure if custom games count for the challenge and lately all I meet online are shitty noobs leaving mid-game, kill your zombie's and for example turn the power off after I spend all my money on perks. Anyone?
  11. Ok, finished my first round after reset. It has effected my place on the leaderboard. On the main kills leaderboard it counted the kills from my last round.
  12. After a horrible start on zombies (tons of deaths) I became better and better but never got higher then the lone skull. So I decided to look for a way to reset my stats and start all over again, this time with less deaths and max kills so I'd finally end up with the highest emblem. This morning I finally found a link that showed me the "Xbox-glitch" to reset stats, preformed on a PS3. Watched the movie, did the steps and baby I got the job done. I know some of you will think the ranking-system is full of crap and you don't need to reset, but I also know there are lots of people who will think like me and are in for a clean restart. So this morning I went from 75,380 kills and 767 deaths to 0 kills and (more important) 0 deaths. Thought this was worth sharing with you... And the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmxwaNSavBo Credits to 'TimidSiberian' Edit: Weird, the elite website says 0 kills, 0 deaths. So does it when pressing right at my name in lobby, but the 'big' leaderboard still shows my old kills and deaths. Well, lets see what happens.
  13. Agree, DSR is one of my favo top3 guns. Aiming for the body without PaP and PaP'd with Iron Sight headshot go like crazy. But as you say, 'real aiming' isn't that accurate. I kinda do like quick-scope I guess, can't really quickscope (still proud) but it makes it a little more accurate.
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