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  1. The bike is at one of the house's garage if you threw a nade at the house before opening, the bike might be into peices already. Don't throw them until you found the bike. Also i dont think the bike itself might be the target,, maybe something we can see aroud the bike area... Last i find it funny that only in original the teddy bear " song" works there is definetively an ee here.
  2. If 1/3 of the things he said were true, the forums would be much less populated and live and psn much more.... Horses, weaponized stuff and a few other things would've been cool though
  3. I believe russman was maybe a bus driver or actually the owner of a bus line, he has many quotes about money and bus stuff. Also russman must have been military because the younger pair have a few quotes about some sort of training. Maybe survival skilzz Mysty clearly is a local, farm resident. I'll talk more about marlton after i hear for myself some nuketown quotes, And sam is a zombie and richtofens hand in the pie. Despite being the biggest factor to completing the richtofens ee he doesnt seem that important pre-bite.
  4. I see... Shame but thanks for the replies keren and tako
  5. Samuel says about 9 min in " this looks like a fun town, how come we never came here before?" And "when did they built a town here? Right after....at 18:45 he says its like a gon, got together with another gun and gave birth to a supergun. I wonder if i should trust this supergun technology, everyone knows it came from the hollow earth...
  6. 16:20 look stu, a brand new town we've never been to
  7. Not at all, i was listening and copying things here, the only quote thats not 100% is the farm one.
  8. This means you've heard that quote? the jet gun is nothing like that quote. She specifically says guns and supergun. Also up until this day, nobody opened the door by the power room, i do not think that place is inacessible. I just dont think we got the proper way of opening it. On top of that have you heard any quotes about a diferent town? Do they say that when playing survival?
  9. They are there, yup... That's actually my source! I don't know how this kind of quotes slipped by
  10. Did anybody hear these quotes in game? No more corn to wander around in (maybe burning the corn somehow? And make a bunch of popcorn...) A brand new town we've never been to (russman also says something about two diferent towns) A quote about the farm and how they are now ruins,(this one is the least weird of this, maybe just means she misses the place with people around...) Its like i took a gun added a bunch more guns and it crapped a supergun.... This last is very intriguing to me, with the second, good looking town being a close second place. Also if someone can paste here the guns names found in the codes, to see if we can find some conection to perhaps build this supergun.
  11. I am trying (to try) with my friends to leave a turbine inside, one outside and let pap close and another at the door itself, but most likely been tried too...
  12. In this no door glitch, is it possible to see whats behind the door in the power 'map' , the one u use to open the bank/pap doors? It seems it goes exactly to that area between the train carts where the gas tanks are.
  13. That could do it... When doing this on the bus, do you fly past it or land on top of it? Town and that pole hanging from the bank are coming to mind... Do you think that place would be reachable?
  14. That ramp by the navcard is slanted...
  15. My next goal will be going to the town and trying to get above jugg, there is a very nice wood plank to get to the left(with the alley on your back and bank to the right) also the turbine really glows...
  16. I just tried it at the same place he did, worked fine, but i believe the power must be off because i tried to get up there and stay and got the "regular ending"... Aka game over...
  17. I havent completed the whole richtofen ee, but on a attempt, i was samuel and i didnt have to break the jet gun to hear the next step. i was attacked when the JG was almost at the redline and stopped, waited to go below the red line, did it again and he started asking for the 115... The way i see it, metals have heat conductivity properties and because of this you dont need to blow the weapon, just let it get to the redline, wait a bit and finish the job.
  18. Wow, to both, i was going to make a sugestion topic along those lines too. I think it should be divided in three parts in a sub forum called EE's One is ideas to try on the xxxEE Ideas that didn't work on the xxx EE and a final Edited only by mods with what works.
  19. Dude, u got zombie claws for hands.... . I looks like the notepad from under the bus driver
  20. I believe the 12:00 is after the bridge, where you can see in the background a big pointy... Thingy...
  21. That sign is there for a reason.... If u emp there, the speed cola gets disabled temporarily
  22. After building the table the first time, does it stays there forever? The pieces re-spawn? Can you build a second navcard table?
  23. I think there is one nav card and one nav table, they are both right and somehow at some point it will be accepted in our games. In mist quotes she says something about multiple guns becoming a supergun, anyone ever got that quote while playing?
  24. Five actually, nuketown is extra, i hope...
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