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Green Run Teleporter


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There is something basic we have been missing, it is so obvious i cant believe i haven't noticed it until now.

Look at the Der Riese loading screen. In the top right corner there is a picture of a teleporter being connected to the main frame.

(P.S you must open the above image in a new tab as it is rather big)

Now look at the blue prints for any model at any building table.

Does this mean we have to connect a teleporter to a mainframe?

What else is interesting is that one of the Maxis quotes says we have put the "spire" online. Does this mean it is online to be connected to more spires?

Leave me your thoughts.


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I have been thinking about this the last couple of days. I was trying to think of a way to create a decent discussion/thread about this since it has not been mentioned at all since the games release.

AlphaSnake brought it up when it was noticed HERE in the trailer video & we have not spoken of it since?

I think that the blueprint is very significant since it contains the SAME image as what was on the Der Riese Loading Screen.

Is this implying that an Americans developed the Teleporters & Group 935 aquired the Technology?

Was Marlton the Scientist behind its invention?

I can't figure out what the 'parts breakdown' is referring to?

Is it the Jet Gun?

Im unsure what else to add/question about this?

I think this is highly important yet has not been discussed.

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Wow, I've never seen this. Good thread!

I think that it shows the Americans taking the technology of the Germans. I mean in FIVE, we all know about the chalkboards and Ray Gun, implying German technology. However, we've also got the Thundergun as well as the blueprints and 3D model of the Ascension rocket. It could be a result of Paperclip, but I think it just goes with what we already knew.

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Do all the blueprints have the teleporter on them or JUST the jet gun?

Every single one, I believe.

I looked in game earlier today and I think they all have the same image. The teleporter in the bottom right. BUT,

what is the diagram of?

It seems to be a jet gun ? But what about the diagram above it?

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I actually did notice this! I didnt put the connection to der reise together but I did see the symbol and interpreted it as a jetgun pointing toward a teleporter implying we shoot the jetgun at a teleporter. i agree entirely that OPERATION PAPERCLIP is the THEME of this green run map.

-I dont know if anyone has covered this but STUHLINGER was someone associated with OPERATION PAPERCLIP. I dont mean the character but was a real person.

-We are also right in the backyard of the HANFORD SITE.

We are seeing alot of technology in AMERICA that was originally in GERMANY as well. Regarding teleporters and technology and such.

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Well, it is plausible that the Americans did make a teleporter in Hanford. Lets not forget that Hanford was a testing site.

We already know that the Americans had the teleporter technology. (At the start of Moon).

It wasn't truly perfected though. The teleporters on Moon were originally there via Group 935 a little after Richtofen first encountered the pyramid. All the Americans seem to have done was re-adjust the mainframe's coordinates to Area 51 (Hanger 18).

Even so, the teleporter found in NML is a bit off. It does do its duty, of course. But when you teleport, notice that you never do return to the teleporter above the pyramid. Rather, you spawn back in the control dock where there seems to be no teleporter in site.

With this, I believe the Americans never did perfect the technology of the teleporter and that is why it is seen on the blueprints. For the purpose of them being scattered, I don't exactly know. But what I do assert is that the Americans were not capable of creating a perfect replica of Group 935's mainframe.

TL;DR: The Americans did have the technology and guide to create it, but they weren't 100% successful in it. Maybe we can find teleporter parts around the map by chance or something similar?

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With this, I believe the Americans never did perfect the technology of the teleporter

Note I have not kept up with this thread. I did want to comment on this, though.

The U.S. were behind Germany, a lot. The Pyramid cavern had oxygen, gravity, and a structure on the ceiling. However, by the time we actually play there, the U.S.'s teleporter has completely destroyed the oxygen level and artificial gravity within the chamber. The U.S.'s teleporter technology was not just imperfect compared to the Germans, it was just plain sloppy.

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Well if you do that glitch in theatre mode to get under the map you can see a teleported but how do we get to it

Huh? Can you provide a picture?

It's not a Teleporter, it's the bottom of the 'Power Cell' in which 'Him' comes up from.

Youtubers once again have mislead many people.

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Well if you do that glitch in theatre mode to get under the map you can see a teleported but how do we get to it

Huh? Can you provide a picture?

It's not a Teleporter, it's the bottom of the 'Power Cell' in which 'Him' comes up from.

Youtubers once again have mislead many people.

Youtube is really becoming a diluted source for wild claims and truth. To truly know whats true and whats not you have to try for yourself and post pictures.

I have only recently heard of this and havent seen it for myself. Regardless I am prone to believing that because we end up in China or The Far East that we have something to do with teleporters. That is my gut feeling. So far I have had no luck with proving anything tho.

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@ Zombo

Most of the previous Maps haven't had teleporters & we have no idea how we travel from map to map. I wrote this in another thread.

Honestly, I wouldn't try to figure out how they go from map to map. Though it might be considered canon, previous maps are unexplained.

- How did Richtofen get Dempsey from Verrückt (Germany) Nikolai & Takeo to the Serbian outpost of Call of the Dead?

- How did they then get to Shi No Numa (Asia) ????

- How did the Original 4 go from Shi No Numa to Der Reise???

- why do we come down on the Lunar Landers on Ascension?

- How did they get from Shangri-la (Hollow Earth or Mars) to Groom Lake? (Nevada)

- And why is it that when we teleport from Hanger 18, we land in the recieving bay on the moon without a Teleporter. Much like the area we spawn on, at Hanger 18?

All of these places didn't have known Teleporters (except Hanger 18 & we don't land on it when we spawn) So there are multiple maps which are not explained as to why we spawn where we do.

The Denizen teleporters from Green Run are an easy link to teleportation & the achievement description states "use a alternative method of transport" but that's only speculation & Der Rise may come before Green Run? Who knows yet?

Der Riese MTD Teleporter picture

There has to be a reason that the teleporter picture that first appeared on the Der Riese loading screen appears on all blueprints on the workbenches in Green Run. I can't wait until this is revealed. Surely something to do with 'Operation Paperclip'.

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