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  1. Treyarch recently posted the video on their vine. One of the frames looks like, to me, a syringe. Seeing as the time the next map is set in (1917) is before the perks were invented, people were talking about the perks being injections. Here is a photo of a syringe. http://picpaste.com/Screen_Shot2013-08-07_09_31_42-png-IWjPtmkn.jpg
  2. But let's not forget that Green Run is sometime after Moon, so maybe they perfected the teleporters in the 20 years between the two?
  3. Well, it is plausible that the Americans did make a teleporter in Hanford. Lets not forget that Hanford was a testing site. We already know that the Americans had the teleporter technology. (At the start of Moon).
  4. Thank you both Tac and Pinnaz for posting some valid points. What strikes me is that it is on every 'blueprint'. Like I said on another thread, maybe we need to put all the buildables under the tower. Just a thought. :P
  5. Sorry, didn't know. ANdY
  6. No, in the bottom right (underneath the word Brauen) there is the symbol which means 'Link to mainframe' the symbol of one of the teleporters with an arrow to the mainframe. Look at the top right hand corner of the der riese loading screen. ANdY
  7. After more deliberation, I think that it is quite odd that all of the objects we build have a specific building table, and above those are blue prints. On all of the blue prints it contains a "Connect to mainframe" symbol like we saw in the loading screen of der riese. (example) http://videoduel.ru/videothumbs/K/IF/K0IFxyxPEfA.jpg So what it think is that maybe we have to put every build-able under the tower. Please could someone try? (On holiday) Leave any comments/suggestions down below. Many thanks ANdY
  8. There is something basic we have been missing, it is so obvious i cant believe i haven't noticed it until now. Look at the Der Riese loading screen. In the top right corner there is a picture of a teleporter being connected to the main frame. (P.S you must open the above image in a new tab as it is rather big) Now look at the blue prints for any model at any building table. Does this mean we have to connect a teleporter to a mainframe? What else is interesting is that one of the Maxis quotes says we have put the "spire" online. Does this mean it is online to be connected to more spires? Leave me your thoughts. ANdY
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