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The name of this post is what the hanging highway sign says. the sign itself says typical highway stuff but all the letters except these are blacked out and you can only visibly see DAY X /2 ME.

NOW this thread is made for the purpose of talking about and exploring the MANY clues that don't seem to have any reference or relevance yet.


I know there is ALOT of speculation that there may in fact be ALTERNATE bus routes. The data supporting this theory is the MAP in the BUS DEPO clearly shows in the top right corner a DAY schedule followed by 5 times, and a NIGHT schedule followed by 4 times. Also there are 2 busses on the map. As back up evidence i refer to the posters that say "RIDE THE BUS" and depicts a bus at night with the head lights on.

If we inspect a little closer we see that the vertical neon sign that says "BUS" in the picture of the exterior BUS STATION on this poster right in between the words the B stands out like a sore thumb. MEANING TO ME that we already are riding the DAY bus as this makes the most logical sense, and we can somehow ride the NIGHT bus.

Also we have oddities such as the NAV CARD that we find is otherwise useless in the easter egg because its the wrong one. perhaps its for a seperate easter egg where we change BUS course.

the CLOCKS are everywhere. they must have some significance and when your trying to catch a bus constantly it helps to know the time. (im aware the clocks dont change ever, but logically makes sense anyway)

The bus driver states something about being off course and GPS is off and hes changing course. he usually says this as we enter the diner area. JUST after veering off the main road towards the dirt and around barriars and cars. If we get ON TOP OF THE DINER we see that the road we veered away from heads off to the RIGHT.



back to the titular clue. I expect you to look for this sign if you havent noticed it.

Long story short when leaving the BUS DEPO and heading through the tunnel KEEP TO THE BACK OF THE BUS facing out the rear windows. as you pass through the area you will see the sign hanging. Also can be viewed in THEATER MODE more easily.

This sign can be interpreted many different ways. initially I read it as "DAY cross over to me" implying that we are on the DAY route and can CROSS OVER to the NIGHT route. BUT I could be mistaken. Also considered perhaps DAY TIMES OVER TO ME. Times being the multiplication symbol (x). THATS ALL FOR THAT THEORY!



These orbs are very peculiar and I am aware that they have significance already in game, but these orbs appear in more places than the ones reqired boy the NAV CARD MISSION. If you DONT know about the orbs i will refer you to this video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBE91gPFg1Q. OK now we understand the concept but orbs appear for various reasons through out the game on lamp posts and even traffic signals in town. There have been speculations confirmed on twitter that after the easter eggs are completed there in fact IS more to do. this confirmed by someone posting something similar to "Is there ANY thing after the 2 hidden easter egg quests for us to do?" and a treyarc employee stated simply "yes". This is not out of context the question and answer are both referring to OTHER side quests to do.


In TOWN under the right conditions you can assault the door of the laundry room and a LIGHT BEAM will shoot out towards the spire or obelisk, why?


This is the MOST cryptic mention of all my posts on this topic. If in the power room after the power is on and AVADROGO is let loose you return and stand in the entrance of the power switch room and focus your pistol cross hairs at the dark region JUST ABOVE the "CELL" that AVADROGO was contained in and your cross hairs will turn RED like there is an enemy there but none are present or in the area. WHY???


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yeah it makes sense we are in the night. the only real light we see is the orange glow from the large pockets lava and because the street lamps are on. my mistake. So i guess that makes more sense then ever. day; cross over to me.

the thing that racks my brain is why do i sometimes have the NAV CARD with blood spot on it, other times i have a regular one and at times, none at all. I am guessing that individually finding the nav cards is something that EVERY PLAYER must do, but once we all have done it that certain nav cards are assigned to a member of the party depending on who hes playing as. cuz other wise its just wonky.

I REALLY feel like they are literally telling us that we can cross over to the day route and SOMETHING will change. even if its just the order of the stops along the route or maybe a new route that goes through the barrier and back to a secret spot and then back to the diner.

in the coding files that have been found in pc game, there is a clear annotation of starting the bus and it costing "(&&1)" which is goble-dee-gook to me. but the BUS doesnt cost anything? nor do we have an activation switch for it.

this MEANS something is possible. and i dont believe that they included extra baggage for a pre package of textures and audio clips along with game code for preperation of the first DLC.

People have rumored ( cannot confirm) to have found other perks such as "candolier cola" that has a green color and shows 3 grenades on a chain on the icon. this could be entirely false and the only aspect i cant actually confirm but i already beleive, regardless of this data, that we will activate the correct nav card and when we ride the bus we will have the option to "queue up" this extra stop along the road that diverges before diner and back around behind the actual bus stop where the bus begins.

maybe my details are SPECULATION but i feel it in my bones... there is an extra stop or something to do with the bus and the nav card or nav table.

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I can see how PINNAZ would be able to make that connection. Tryin to say that its just another cryptic clue. I wouldn't make the leap he made to associating it with a specific phrase but since I have no new information on the topic I cant say hes wrong. It seems like some of the clues were meant to be open ended. Ive been searching high and low and cannot find any thing else. So for now I am done speculating and will just wait for more information to come foreward.

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I think the sign is just the same as one of the 'Morse Code' signals

DAY X 2 ME = Day cross to me

Now say it fast

DAY CROSS 2 ME = Stay close to me.

Nothing more, nothing less.

just a point to mention the / is white still too. so we have to assume it is also significant. I wouldnt be able to read that as DAY CROSS TO ME in any way. I see it as a /2 or an "over to". The evidence IS there. Although ths clue seems to be pointing at something we cannot access yet.

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PINNAz, that is a really stupid thing to say.(edit)

It might be but some people might find your wording offensive.

Now say it fast

DAY CROSS 2 ME = Stay close to Me

I said it fast, 10 times and it doesn't sound anything like that lol XD

You don't think it rhymes?

Oh well, I started looking into what this sign means since about day 3 & Ive got no idea.

I'll leave it to you guys.

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I dunno if this is rite but wen u look at the sign in the tunnel that says DAY x/2 Me and the bus is coming, the bus CROSSES OVER to the sign (from the left lane to the right lane when looking at the sign closest to bus depot). If the bus was using the day route then it might mean that the bus (DAY) crosses over to ME (the sign) and its the same for the sign on the other side of the tunnel. I have no idea how the clue helps anyone if this is correct but it could be just more evidence that the bus is using the day route and that there is a night route and maybe it doesn't cross over to the signs and just drives through the barriers. Sorry if this theory has already been made.

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I think the sign is just the same as one of the 'Morse Code' signals

DAY X 2 ME = Day cross to me

Now say it fast

DAY CROSS 2 ME = Stay close to me.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Mystery solved.

People who get offended by internet trolls deserve to be offended.


We Todd Ed

P.S.I want to say a lot more on the subject of your thin skin but I have to berate Notre Dame fans on their forum ATM.

P.S.S. Still doesn't sound the same

He wasn't offended, he was speaking generally. It sounds similar enough to make sense to me, and you haven't given any alternatives. Might as well be Taylor Swifting, trolls are so two thousand and late! :lol:

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Actually it's daytime. Because of the nuclear fallout covering the atmosphere it looks like nighttime but it isn't. If you go up on the diner, stay in front of the galva and look to your left, there's the sun. X/2 me ? Porter X2 Ray Gun ? Probably nothing to do with the sign, although I got a little intrigued when I read it

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While we're on the subject of Day X/2 Me - I'm going to assume this is saying "Day times over to me", think what you will, but that seems to make the most sense to me.

Now that was an interesting connection between Porters X2 Ray Gun and the sign, perhaps that has something to do with it all? Has anyone every tried anything with that ray gun and the sign? I don't think CoDZ would happen stance call the ray gun X2 with that kind of coincidence so I think it might be linked.

Next point of business, the sign, while all of us are talking about that one sign, I don't think we're talking about the fact that there are in fact TWO signs that say the same thing; one as you enter the tunnel from the diner, and one as you enter the tunnel from the metro station. Now I'm not suggesting that the transition in bus routes has to happen in between those two signs, but come on... Maybe? But that leaves me with the thought: where would that bus go if the transition was made in between tunnels? Perhaps it would bust through a wall like a Kool-Aid commercial on to the second route? So many questions...

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Sign a diner says, "Die Now, On 4 u." I read this as saying, you should die now to move on. I don't think is a coincidence that the new perk is "tombstone." Meaning you can literally die and not lose everything. Another sign under the "Forrest Cafe" sign says "now die."

What does this have to do with "Day X /2 ME." ?

I think this sign means, "Cross over to me." Psychics refer to the act of dying as "crossing over." So the sign is telling "D A Y" to cross over. Maybe it means D and Y. Who are D and Y? I'm not sure. Russman calls Marlton, "darlington." and we don' know Russmans last name. Those two seem to be arch rivals..maybe they are D and Y.

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