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  1. Now I know the title is very vague but that is just to hopefully catch your attention But Who doesn't need to pee after they've been playin two hours on tranzit but don't want to end the game. What about goin and making a sandwich for that starving stomach. Simply find the last zombie of a round make sure everyone in the game is crouched down and toss an emp at the last zombie and Boom (flash of white light) the zombie fell asleep. (Reference how the zombie look at the start of the game). If you liked this post leave a comment and let me know. MortalSinner21
  2. gun primary:Skullcrusher (M16A1 papd) gun secondary: Mustang and Sally depending on when pap gets open if not Voices of Justice (Executioner papd) grenade primary:Semtex grenade secondary:monkeys equipment:zombie shield perks: Jugg, stamin-up, double-tap, speed cola (if you seem to go down more thn 2-3 times a game swap the last for tombstone best 2k u can spend) knife:galvaknuckels Perfect for training in Tunnel. Group and head shot with skull crusher and when insta-kill comes jus pop off one mustang and kill the whole group in on bullet (Two technically because of the revamped double tap :lol:
  3. There are collars because some zombies escaped from the asylum idk y so don't ask
  4. It has been no clipped on the pc it's an empty room It's not even a room, you just float into an empty nothingness beneath the map if I recall correctly. That's correct
  5. We have had conformation. One of the makers was asked if there's anything we're missing in the EE in tranzit and he simply stated "Yes."
  6. Yes the game will only save the last side of the Easter egg you completed to your game profile
  7. It has been no clipped on the pc it's an empty room
  8. MortalSinner21 add me few theory's of mine own
  9. Was most likely showing your navcard and someone else on your teams card
  10. This has happens in every tranzit game all day. Joining starting and hosting? Any explanation?
  11. Just to respond to the last tiny section of this, there is it is called the asylum for us nutcase a that chase after the smoke
  12. Hi there all you zombie slayers out there. MortalSinner21 here with a very specific question. Has anyone else's teleporter lights stopped being green??? I finished the EE a few weeks ago and stopped playing tranzit. Just hopped back on today turned on the power and wow. My light are no longer green but continue to flash like when then game begins. I tested to see if the denizens will still make teleporters and they do. Is this a glitch or what? Has this happend to anyone else recently??? Would love some second opinions. Thanks!
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