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  1. What do you play on? Xbox? PS3? PC?! Just thought it would help so we can see whats wrong.
  2. Would create a restaurant at the end of the universe...
  3. Simple, let go and and the beginning (the start of the map) will become the end, when you electrify yourself you end up back where you started, or there is a deeper meaning.
  4. Hmmmmmm... me? I just recently got into zombies Black Ops 2 zombies, so I shouldn't really judge! But I actually like GreenRun Tranzit1 IDK WHY? but I do!
  5. I agree with everything in this post! Too little guns I think. Not enough perks. But I do love MOTD!
  6. I can't listen to music while playing zombies (phone broke).... BUT! If I could I would listen to Passenger, ummmm, some light songs, macklamore, I don't really know and LOTS of Skrillex... Wub Wub Wub all the way! Also some Deadmau5 and metal I really idk
  7. What formula? What is happening?
  8. I've never really had problems with Xbox so... But I think it won't wipe your stats because later you'll recover those stats, I think.
  9. Ummmmmm..... That is probably what the falling debris are, bits of the plane.
  10. LOVE the idea of custom wall weapons/upgradable weapons! LOVE IT!
  11. Meh, nobody can be sure what the zombie team does! Trollarch ads I refer to them as. But yeah, good theory!
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