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  1. No traffic lights in the town loading screen...
  2. Cessna156

    The bar.

    Shot the target with ballistic knives and refibulator. As well as a lot of other guns in random matches. Nothing.
  3. Ok, heres an idea I've been working on for a few days. Sam and Russman, need to have completed the Richoften side. They turn on the power, Richoften likes power. Then they get tombstone. Then one dies at the diner (maybe on the roof right next to the DIE sign. Then the other dies at the town, by this other "now die" sign. Sam says, "maybe I should just join them, then I would know who is behind this." Also, has anyone ever tried sucking up the electric guy when he is in light form with the jet gun?
  4. Am i the only one that has noticed that one of the clocks in the bus depot is set to 5:21? Its the clock in the room right to the left of the turbine table. All the other clocks say 7:49. As far as time is considered, I have a few observations. First, the businesses post their business hours. They go from 8:00 to 5:30. All the business have their open signs out. BUT, if the clocks say 7:49, it doesnt matter whether it is morning or night, the open signs shouldn't be up. So those clocks are wrong, or they were not stopped at the same time the world was blown up. Not sure how this helps, but if we are discussing clocks, I think this is an important observation.
  5. We've done about 50 theories. 51 can't hurt right? If only i had a zombie team on PS3... I just rely on you guys to tell me which theories can be plausible/debunkable Hit me up. MCESSNA
  6. in Zombies time travel is possible by overloading portals with element 115. I'm assuming avragado is made of element 115? So I'm curious if someone allowed him to shoot them with electricity and then jumped in portal, it would do something? I was trying this at the diner, but he ended up getting on the bus and riding it away from me... I don't know if this was a glitch or not, but he literally got in the bus. After he left, I was like, "shoot, I should have "stayed close to him." Tonight i'm going to get on PS3 (mcessna) and try a few things. 1) Try to get avragodo close to an active portal and keep him there. 2) Shoot a portal with the wonder weapon. 3) Just hang out with the avragodo for a while, you know follow him around, be buddies. If anyone wants to keep working on this with me hit me up please. Need dedicated egg hunters.
  7. Also, this picture references 1964 - same year as Transit novel is released. It is related to Nachtderuntoten. I may be mistaken, but isn't Nacht the map in the cornfield area??? Lets show Avragado some compassion in Nacht? Maybe he will open some doors for us or something. http://i380.photobucket.com/albums/oo24 ... ntoten.jpg
  8. Oh yeah, even further. The "Golden ones" only fought the humans because they thought it was part of some game. Maybe avragado is just fighting us as a game.
  9. In 1964, Edmund Cooper released his Sci-Fi novel called "Transit". In this novel, the hero is transported to a remote place along with 3 other humans. They battle an alien race, that they call the "golden ones." Each have been placed there to determine which race will inherit this land. The golden ones are stronger and faster, but the humans win because they showed compassion. I'm curious if we showed the zombies compassion, then that will lead us to the next step. Even more likely, perhaps we need to show Avragado compassion? After all, he resembles the "golden ones." I'm also thinking that we may want to view the Avragado as a potential partner. The Morse code with the lights could be from Avragado. He says, "power is knowledge" and "stay close to me" and "go into the light." Maybe if we stay close to him, and we use his power (his lighting shot at us) to transfer power. Perhaps to the TV in the farm? Just some thoughts. I'm going to get on my PS3 and play aroudn with these ideas. Anyone interested, hit me up. My SN is mcessna
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