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Raygun removed from Town Grief


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it wouldent bother me if they had the ray gun. I would still win all my matches, i hate the ray gun personally. its nothing but an over rated water pistol.

Lol but seriously, it is in fact one of the most powerful weapons, which is why it was not included. As you said, if you only had to survive to approx. round 10-15, and you alone had a raygun, could you manage? Sure! Without it? Probably, but you wouldn't have that edge.

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At least through Black Ops, there were always better guns than raygun. I generally preferred a PAP'd wall weapon, what they lacked in damage was made up for with the infinite ammo and lack of crawlers everywhere (and in the early rounds, many more points). A second gun was always best to have a wonder weapon if you could get it, or mustang/sally if you couldn't. If flopper wasn't on the map, I'd kill myself with the ray gun more often than I would panic fire with the mustang almost always.

With mule kick I would occasionally pick up ol' ray, but a second wall gun (less need to run to the wall) or a special (ballistic knife or awful lawton if I was with those needing frequent revives) still usually had more use to them.

But I've never played this game mode, so it would depend on how the rules work

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