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  1. As said in your other topic, if there was another secret place with the navcard there, a workbench might be there to build another contraption on.
  2. What about that yarn of wool thing shown that was found in the game files?
  3. Can someone explain this probation thing for me? I'm on PS3 and I tend to ragequit a fair amount, and i've never been on probation.
  4. Oh wow. I didn't even know that! That is probably what makes it a safer train over the diner and the farm and such. Also, if the tunnel is going dark, chances are its just a lighting effect/glitch. There is lava in there so it should be bright all the time :)
  5. There are too many glitches for my liking in Zombies. They are doing a great job of balancing the multiplayer (minus the UAV scorestreak change, screw that) but they need to focus more on Zombies. There are some glitches that aren't that bad to use, like the one putting a dolly cam in the power room so there is no fog, but using them to get to high rounds is just unfair for those who are actually trying hard and that have real skill.
  6. You just did as well Mods should move this to the Graveyard / Suggestions or whatever category suits it. Its a bit of a pointless thread lol
  7. The two guns aforementioned are the M14 and the Python. I have no idea what that piece of wool is for. Thats suspicious.
  8. The morse code is Dr. Maxis' if I remember correctly. I don't know what this could mean, but it seems pretty insignificant. The only thing I can think of that always stays close to you is the Denizens of the Forest. We might be making a big deal out of this when its just being put in to confuse us.
  9. They should add it but with a limit to the amount of Rayguns each side can get.
  10. But it is supposed to be a challenge. I like a challenge, but not TOO much of a challenge. This one seems too hard. For someone who can't pass Round 5 on Solo Tranzit, I won't be trying this anytime soon :P
  11. -Armageddon-


    Take a picture with a phone or something? Pictures are very helpful.
  12. Nuketown has a lot of purpose! Don't tell me that Marlton in the Bunker has absolutely zero purpose. They created a fun game using our favourite map while also tying it in with the storyline. Nuketown is more significant than it seems.
  13. Shoot man I'm sorry, should of put a spoiler alert or something. Its okay, I probably would've seen it eventually.

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