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  1. -Armageddon-

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to CoDz :D
  2. -Armageddon-

    All of the parts

    As said in your other topic, if there was another secret place with the navcard there, a workbench might be there to build another contraption on.
  3. -Armageddon-

    All of the parts

    What about that yarn of wool thing shown that was found in the game files?
  4. -Armageddon-

    *Undead's Art Thread*

    Wow. Your a talented artist. I haven't seen much but you're like... Really good :shock:
  5. -Armageddon-

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    I would love to hear it, but I can't with this Tomahawk in my face. /thread
  6. -Armageddon-

    You're Banned!

    Your banned for continuing the scientific jokes >.>
  7. -Armageddon-

    Tranzit Round 56 - Full Tutorial/Strategy Guide

    Great Video! Really helpful Thanks for posting. I now need to try this as well as get better at the tunnel one... :/
  8. -Armageddon-

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Too many glitchers being unfair to get to super high rounds. I've seen it happen in an online game myself. Its just... stupid and pointless. What success do you feel from cheating your way to a high round? None.
  9. -Armageddon-

    You're Banned!

    You're banned because you have a cat as an Avatar when you are actually a Plastic Duck. So misleading...
  10. -Armageddon-

    You're Banned!

    You're banned for making a good point that embarassed me.
  11. -Armageddon-

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    This is my goal in life.
  12. -Armageddon-

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    *posts to feel included*
  13. -Armageddon-

    Zombies: what does easy mode do?

    I think they might spawn out slower as well. Dem rounds last me ages...
  14. -Armageddon-

    You're Banned!

    Your banned for not giving a reason to ban the person above you. /end
  15. -Armageddon-

    You're Banned!

    Your banned for using scientific notation to spell out the scientific name of a Cat.

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