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CODZ members in 15 years, Jay's predictions

Mr. Jay

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11 hours ago, The Meh said:

@TacHow's this going so far?

@The Meh Omg what the hell even is this thread, this is great. Not onto the millions yet but that's funny because there are multiple people in my life that think I should be a journalist so he might not be far off the mark on writing.

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Haha this sounds fun!


@jiipee95 - Has a job in fungi removal but in secrecy earns most money with smuggling booze from Estonia to Finland. One day gets dehydrated by entering a sauna while having a hangover.

@Lenne - Takes control of Verrückt and invites Coldplay to perform a show at the central square. Upon hearing so, all patients lose their insanity.

@RadZakpak - Befriends an alligator. His dogs get jealous, trap him in a swamp and seize control over his CoDZ account. 

@RichKiller - Gets hired by the Mossad to solve ciphers that may pose a potential thread. Discovers Mossad works for Treyarch.


@Carnage Evoker

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