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Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

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Alright, my current opinions on the pictures:


I showed this to a friend of mine that is an engineer at a weapons manufacturer in The Middle of America, although he doesn't engineer guns or drones, he does work in this industry and gave me his thoughts, he said the following:

- Clearly a low quality mock-up of a CGI prototype

- The thing on the top is a sensor, doesn't look like a scope, but an electronic sensor of some kind (I think it is a thermal or heat vision personally)

- Under the sensor is clearly a barrel, he has no doubt about this, if this is even a gun (he mentioned that it looks familiar to some of the designs he has seen, but hasn't seen this particular combination of features)

- The "Frame" or thing connecting the two simply serves the purpose of whatever it was designed to do (no he didn't expand on that)

- He tells me the bottom part looks strange, because it looks unfinished or like their needs to b another attachment, he says unless it's to balance with a weight distribution issue or serves as a purpose for the barrel, this is likely where an attachment would go.

- His conclusion either the next version of a long barreled assault rifle that packs a punch and fires rapidly, or a drone with sensors and some pretty advanced technology, he says a drone is more likely because there are some things that look unusual for the end of a gun.

- He says if they would have at least let us see the end of the barrel he could tell me what it was, but he says most likely a drone and I agree.


- This high quality picture shows that the soldier is wearing some advanced armor, lightweight and ready for combat.

- The first thing that comes to mind is Future Force Warrior http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Force_Warrior

- They create exoskeleton and modified combat armor technology

- They have worked mainly on future armor modifications and communication innovation on the battefield, but have done some work on weapons and have been able to engineer suits that give the user improved strength and endurance, ETA about 2020, fits the timeline

The picture seems to show only the suit. Take a look at the gloves

Sure you might find some minor differences, but it looks like there will be future combat suits set in the time-frame of about 2020-2030.


- I thought about going to 5 and looking at the Pentagon, but Alpha Snake being the genius he is beat me to it and made the great discovery.

- I wonder if that has always been there or of Treyarch just updated it, maybe they updated the terminal as well? PC users should check for updates and the files as well.

- Looks Like A U.S. Veteran that has aged. I'm really hoping it is Wood's I loved that bad-ass.

BlackOpsTiger out.

BTW after the reveal trailer is released i'm going to be releasing a music video trailer of my own for Black Ops II. I love Treyarch, and the Zombies Community. :mrgreen:

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At the scene in the bar you can see that Frank wears his watch on his left hand.

I know this is slim, but given what else we now know I think we can say it is Frank as he is the only character hinted at so far.

Oh & I just like posting this video too.

Regards Alpha.

Nice catch.

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yo blackops, you posted each thing twice, but i also think its a drone, and im pretty sure the hand belongs to either miller or woods, maybe even mason, hell, could even be hudson since he had combat service in the 101st airborne (my favorite :D)

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Mrgreen the gloves are just standard Oakley SI ASSAULT GLOVES

This also gives use a time as these gloves are recent (after 2005)

TheBG out

Ahh I see Thanks for correcting me.

I have a feeling the things they have been giving us will be in the trailer. I just hope we see Woods in the Pentagon tomorrow, then It will fit with my theory of what this game will be based on.

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That looks to be a framed and folded American flag in the back.

I thought so too!

Gaw i said that on the first page that the image was posted on. right now im sticking with the its woods idea. until things get more clear and his hand looks like its raised in a speaking jester not a fighting one, i already guessed every one was at least thirty is there an age limit for black ops teams? i heard it was thirty

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I have already seen, and expect more, news sites to accidentally publish stories about BOII earlier than they should. Please remember that these are NOT meant to be up yet, and are still considered leaks and will be deleted so we can all sit in and enjoy the reveal trailer as our first look.

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Does anyone know if Activision shows the Trailer when the timer runs out? Or do we really have to wait for the Playoffs games on TNT? Theres a pretty big gap inbetween the timer (Stops at 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT) and the 76's game on TNT (8PM EST) or even the Lakers game (10:30 PM EST)

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Does anyone know if Activision shows the Trailer when the timer runs out? Or do we really have to wait for the Playoffs games on TNT? Theres a pretty big gap inbetween the timer (Stops at 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT) and the 76's game on TNT (8PM EST) or even the Lakers game (10:30 PM EST)

I'd guess when the timer runes out.

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