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  1. Yeah man, I would be willing to help you if you gave me a little bit to work on. Also, the first picture that deathstalker posted I did not make.
  2. That guy's name is Harper, not Nelson. They announced his name to be Nelson, maybe post the picture where you saw Harper? Says so on his vest. Also, CallofDuty.wikia.com has a picture up of "Harper". No picture of Nelson has been released. Some people probably just assume that is him.
  3. David Mason's Sidekick Nelson is going to be played by Rooker. http://kotaku.com/5906808/48-things-tha ... ack-ops-ii I believe it's this guy based on appearance, could be wrong though: That guy's name is Harper, not Nelson.
  4. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/debut-interview-call-of/729748 Part II to my first last post.
  5. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/debut-interview-part-1/729750 This, for some information on the campaign from Mark Lamia himself.
  6. interesting but im not sure i mean price not specifcly this one but price is old ive seen him in most iw cod games made he's a British captain during ww2 and on top of that the face looked alot alike so im not sure if thats something treyarch would use or not. thats something i bet we dont know until release. It was stated that John Price was the SAS soldier assigned on OP: Charybdis. The price from Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 is the grandfather of the Price from the MW series. IW has confirmed that. I think treyarch would do it. Also, if it does take during the 2020-ish era, Price would be around 59-ish and he and Woods could be narrating the story.
  7. [ You beat me to it. Hmm... what the hell could this be? The picture isn't a picture, it looks like as if a veteran framed his medals...
  8. I can sort of hear what you mean, except Shepard Smith doesn't have a lisp like in the end.
  9. You're right, that's extremely similar! I'm 80% sure that's the same guy. Do you think there is any connection? I think it's just a coincedence
  10. I have a few friends in places that tell me that today's release might have to do with a vehicle of some sort. I hope they aren't lying me.
  11. It is stated that Woods survived and is a POW in the Hanoi Hilton. It was stated in an email from "X" to Mason in the CIA terminal.

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