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  1. Yea, i had a hard time finding a good basic guide so i decided to make one as a parting gift
  2. This site has been good to me, but now it is time to go. No more of this for me, I have no time, my life has no demands for it. My skills have been boosted by these troopers on the forums, My hope for em goes out that their slaying continues and flourishes. No more time for goodbyes, this is the last rhyme you all will here on this thread. Bid me a good bye and hope that you all will not die because you all have a gun made by Ray.
  3. I am leaving this wonderful site. I have no time and I feel as others leave, more fill the ranks. Before I leave, i feel i should leave some last zombie tips. TranZit. OVERCOMING TRANZIT, THE SIZE, THE SIDEQUESTS, THE BUS. SIZE: To overcome the size of TranZit, you must play the mode as frequently as possible and watch gameplay videos of certain locations. Learn where checkpoints are like the Bowie Knife Cabin or the Corn Maze. Also conquer any fears of traveling in the mist without the bus. Learn the routes and shortcuts. Have no fear and have confidence. An M14 or B23R can take you
  4. INSANE, reminds me so much of the walking dead. Me and my bro got stuck cuz someone took the bus, so we ventured through the fog and its intense and crazy, so much craze! Also on the bus, this electric guy lept on the bus and we had no idea what to do so we just lit up the guy and the driver, we died haha.
  5. 237 years ago in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress authorized the formation of the United States Marine Corp. Since then they have served gallantly in Tripoli, Belleau Wood, Peleliu, Okinowa, Chosin, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Semper Fi to those marines. Happy Birthday
  6. yea, im lookin foward to aftermaths new character skins and game mode! also the cross bow is the most ghetto thing ever haha. Its an M16 with no mag and strings and stuff for the front
  7. Thats what i was thinking, when i did this i would just type what came up in my head, if we make a parody rap, we can have it like the song Forever and have a couple people make verses
  8. meee! I have karkand and armored kill, not close quarters (i got MW3 for that). Tag-PootieTurd
  9. Im in Virginia, but im in the outskirts of the storm. We got heavy winds, cold, and snow, which is odd for us in October. I hope D.C is alright and hope everyone out there is safe. Semper fi
  10. no Hellhound! another comrade to retire. Nooooo
  11. 1.Any Johnny Cash album 2. The Slim Shady LP (Eminem) 3. No Ceilings (Lil Wayne) 4.Marshall Mathers LP (Eminem) 5.Recovery (Eminem) 6. Relapse (Eminem) 7. The Blueprint 3 (Jay-Z)
  12. I dont think so, but the way the guy walked reminded me of the David Mason, also the hair is black and apparently Raul's hair like blonde (villian trailer)
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