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  1. Kudos to you! Great way of sharing info and staying up to date. I've added a few minor things too myself. Keep it up!
  2. Don't want to be a buzzkill, but 1 of the 4 shown colors represents the map+mode 'TranZit: Bus Stop Survival'. This means that all Survival maps will have their own color (at least that's what I assume). Survival alone will be able to fill up 4+ colors. I could be wrong of course, if the color wheel shows only the gamemodes. With the text below it going into further detail within that gamemode. I'm leaning towards option 1 though.
  3. Jimmy's Treyarch's and Rez' rock pictures actually show the same rock. Possibly Syndicate's too, but hold upside down. Syndicate is in LA again, so we can expect some more twitter trolling from those...
  4. Just wanted to point out a few things you skipped or stated incorrectly... - 232 matches played, 23 of those were on the map Bus Stop with Survival as gamemode. - Only 80 downs in 232 games. That's 1 down per 3 games. Used to be impossible unless you disconnect/stop most of your games without a single down. Possible new gamemode that is NOT ended by downs? (Buyable end? Other ways to lose except getting downed?)
  5. Yup you're right, my bad! Sorry.
  6. Let's move on and talk about what we can expect in the next 4 weeks shall we... Is Treyarch going to wait till the early birds start leaking all the zombies info or will Treyarch beat them to it with more official releases? Judging from Halo 4, Black ops 2 couls be J-tagged and played in hours after falling in the wrong hands. I'm really hoping for some info on Grief mode and Nuketown zombies before it's all leaked. Treyarch did a good job hyping up their brand new TranZit campaign mode, but keeping Grief mode and others in the dark.
  7. I suggest taking the trailer with a huge grain of salt. Getting to 100k points with 2 basic weapons and no perks is near impossible. Treyarch likes to exaggerate a lot. In the Elite trailer uploaded yesterday they show zombies stats with 80(!) downs in a single game. That's Treyarch for ya!
  8. About drop 5, I wanted to point out that the 'zombie hand' is actually a prop in Treyarch's studio, holing on to a power switch. If you want to look for yourself, it's all the way at the end of the GTTV episode (@20:10). http://www.gametrailers.com/full-episod ... ack-ops-ii Thoughts?
  9. As you can tell from looking at the elastic bands and cables, they photoshopped it to show only a portion of this 'device'. The elastic bands and cables are currently attached to nothingness . Really liking the idea of Flammenwerfer... using this device to jumpstart a perkmachine and buy a perk from it before the main power switch is on.
  10. We've already seen that Gamestop doesn't have the exclusive right to give out BO2's preorder bonusses. 2025 comes with every preorder no matter what country or shop. That's why im saying, it has to be something small to be GameStop only. Imagine the hate if something major like DLC or Elite came with GameStop only... :shock: Not happening . Elite premium is too expensive anyway to come with a 60$ game.
  11. ^Story of Beachhead pretty much... :cry: Really never understood why Activision put such incapable developers/coders on such a promising feature. Either that or Activision never allocated enough server space to Elite, making it slow and causing a lot of downtime. Either way, really a big miss on a feature with potential to blow away bungie.net and battlelog.
  12. Im guessing Double XP or Unlocks (Like prestige tokens). Definitely nothing major like Elite premium or more free DLC.
  13. The 'Jet engine' could run on combustion caused by combining 2 gasses (Avogadro's Law). The audio you hear after firing the gun sounds like the zombies getting fried more than blown away with pure pressure (Thunder gun).
  14. It doesn't say 1500RPM but RPM x1000, meaning that the 10 - 80 represent 10.000 - 80.000 RPM. That's a lot of rounds...
  15. Spoilers work fine for me. Anyways on topic: Tower of Babble sounds like the main EE to me. It gives you 75G just like the previous EE's did on Moon etc. Picture below shows where I think the tower is located. I think that Green Run is just the name of the facility we see in the trailer. Could also be the name for one of the EE's of course. Wiki link! Acquiring 'your tombstone' only gives you 5G, I really think its just a basic task, possibly a buy-able one (perk?) at the facility. The 4 equitable item achievement has a table as an image, which would be a workbench then? We've seen one in the trailer.
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