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  1. This is probably the worst first post to make after a month of not posting, but half of 5000 is 2500. MLH is in the 3000s... I'm sorry, I'll show myself out.
  2. Replacing Takeo with Buffy ?! So, in other words we are trading "HONORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" (actual quote.) for "HEY, I'M A MOM!" Yep, I'm sticking with Tak.
  3. Number 46 ? Heh, I'm surprised I made it. Thanks for the read, Jolteon!
  4. Correct! I'll give you the brains as soon as I get a reload. Man, at this rate we will have the first CoDz musical done in no time!!!
  5. Correct! But who has the guns and the bombs ?
  6. If you're feeling underpowered who will help you make amends ?!
  7. Ah, I have a few. 1. One of the first times I've play Zombies with Pancake (awesome dude, who I miss) we got to round round 45 on Ascension. I cherish this moment because before that game I seemed to be cursed to die on every single game of Ascension at round 41. But we broke that curse ! Granted, I still can't break round 50, but that is beyond the point! 2. The night I had a terrible cold and decided to read though the entire 23 page Bronys thread... I wonder what fandom I'll get sucked into next time I get sick. 3. Writing my "Takeo's true personality starting to be revealed ?!" thread. Which, to this day remains my most successful thread, clocking at 60 brains! One of these days I'll stop being so lazy and fix all those grammar mistakes, and take out that silly walrus joke. Okay, probably never the walrus joke part. Ah, good times. Gooooooood times.
  8. I nominate Hellhound. The always changing K-pop girls, never fail to bring a smile to my face. Too bad the only cool thing about my signature is the Fluttershy userbar !
  9. Sure! Go to Profile in the User Control Panel, and then click on Edit Signature. Just drag and drop the userbar into your signature thingy, highlight it, and click on the Img tags. And then boom! One (or many) pretty userbar ready to go !
  10. I'll get right on it good sir! Oh god, now I'm calling people sir... EDIT: Here ya go! If y'all want anything changed just ask!
  11. I almost fell out my chair when I saw that Pinkie Pie. Cute eyes kill me. Happy birthday Krazy! Have some more cake!
  12. That's a pretty cool idea! But wouldn't it make more sense for them to update it every time a DLC comes out, instead of every few weeks ? Seems like a lot of work if they need to update it almost every week.
  13. Most random music videos ? Leave it to Weird Al...
  14. Fu! You're back! Um, Amazon and Best Buy I think!

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