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  1. What should we make our clan tag? It says that we aren't authorized to use CoDz
  2. I keep getting an error aswell :C I declined the invite and sent an application in, hopefully that will work
  3. Woods would be 95 years old, as his birth date is 1930. With technalogical advances that we have seen; medical care and technology would have imporved significantly as well, which could explain his appearance
  4. Depends where you live I guess. For Australia; it'll be on channel 9 @ 9:45 pm
  5. Upon perusing the new black ops 2 website, The 'future' that quote was refering to was modern... "[ REDACTED - Waffles ]"
  6. I try to put that i am in the U.S and it says "your IP is blocked" Australia can view the site Shit is getting even realererer
  7. So when that timer hits 0, Will it just air on TNT or will it de-classify one of the cells and be online?
  8. I don't think its a clock, To me it looks like its the side of some kind of building that has had a hole blown in it.. But also it looks like a pile of bones on the right hand side, could be the Catacombs under Paris maybe?
  9. Is there room for a lion? ;D I got all the zombie maps psn: thelionkingSCARR
  10. oookkkk... how? what? why? when? I just checked on my ps3 and I don't have mule kick anywhere on Nacht.... what'd you do to get it to be there?

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