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  1. What should we make our clan tag? It says that we aren't authorized to use CoDz
  2. Thanks man! Great video, it helped me a lot
  3. I keep getting an error aswell :C I declined the invite and sent an application in, hopefully that will work
  4. Well there you go Hahaha Pretty much.
  5. I didn't mean BLOPS II time setting, I ment when Zombies is set as well as being able to put a time frame for when Moon Occurs.
  6. I just finished watching the Zombie Teaser, I still am curious when it is set; figuring out when it is set will give us not only a time frame for Black OPS II but also for Moon. We can safely assume that it is afer the Moon EE because the Zombie's eyes are blue, but when did Moon take place? From the design of the bus terminal looks very 1950's or 60's very similar to that picture of Mack Diner from one of the other trailers, The bus itself looks very similar to a GMC 4103 which was used during the 50's. (Tried putting it in a spoiler but I can't figure it out lol) It isn't the exact bus but it looks very similar. It just seems a bit strange to me that they would have this bus from the 50's smashing up zombies anytime really after the mid 60's. Buses from 1950~1960 all had similar designs being mostly round but still kind of square, after 1960 a new design was adopted and the metal coaches were discontinued. Just throwing this out there
  7. I use a usb device called "Easy cap pro". It gets the job done and its cheap, but you will also need a RCA adaptor to record sound. I picked mine up on Ebay cheap
  8. Hey guys and gals, I have had my slim 160gb ps3 for about 18 months, and last night my HDD gave up and died. I have tried everything the console can think of to throw at it; So I said "screw it! putting it in my pc" So after trying to recover and checking the health of the HDD, I came to the conclusion that its dead. I'm going to call Sony and talk to them about replacing the HDD under Statutory warranty, I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiance with their grieve staff or calling Sony for YLOD/RLOD situations.
  9. I was simply saying it could be a glitch, stuff dissapears all the time when im playing split screen.
  10. I don't think that is anything; they were playing split screen. When I play split-screen on PS3 lots of weird stuff like that happens, like in Der Riese the second screen won't show the eclipse or its day time. It could be something like that just a glitch
  11. You're probably right; I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl I just remembered him mentioning having a kid
  12. I know that, I meant BO:II zombies. It could be like five, and have a splinter off from the story. The pentagon was invaded by zombies in '63, so thats a long time for the US to get over run. I did some research on Mack Diner; it was Mack Diner from 1941~1976 then it became a record store from 1976-2005. Aparently as of December 2010 it was torn down So we could be looking at the time frame of 1941-1976 for the new installment, but I could be wrong.
  13. It's still in the realm of possibility, we still don't know when this installment of zombies is set aswell as the time-line jumping through time.

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