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  1. Gstroy

    All Currently Known Guns in Black Ops II

    It wasn't shown in the Gamescom gameplay, and I haven't even heard the rumor... so I doubt it.
  2. Gstroy

    All Currently Known Guns in Black Ops II

    Could you please put these into a list? It feels like advertising otherwise...
  3. Gstroy

    Dub the Dew

    I posted this in the wrong section... Can a mod move it to off topic?
  4. Gstroy

    Dub the Dew

    I went with Applegeddon, vote for it please? LINK REMOVED
  5. Actually, Activision's contract with Microsoft has expired, everyone will get the maps at the same time now.
  6. i believe you just found our first look at zombies What if the female is future sam back in her own body somehow? Or possessing a different body?
  7. Thought I might as well list the guns I noticed... - XM-8 - M249 saw - M16a5 - Kriss KARD - Spas-12
  8. Can't wait 'til tomorrow... but for now, sleep!
  9. Twenty-four-ish I'd say.
  10. Doesn't really look like it to me...
  11. Umm... he was in an explosion... that's what I'm saying... Jesus. You're right. Lol, it's been awhile since i've played BO campaign, my bad. :P
  12. Umm... he was in an explosion... that's what I'm saying...
  13. Very plausible... Reminds me of this movie I once saw of some people trying to kill an old guy, the only movie I can think of is SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Watchmen That gave me an idea... Gran Torino... THE GAME!!!

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