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  1. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! This isn't game breaking... at all...
  2. Not bad... but I think I want a TTT gamemode more.
  3. It wasn't shown in the Gamescom gameplay, and I haven't even heard the rumor... so I doubt it.
  4. Could you please put these into a list? It feels like advertising otherwise...
  5. MvM is pretty sweet, it's hard to get into a random match though.
  6. Well, the upgrade system seems really interesting. Can't wait until tomorrow.
  7. Yeah, the fails are always fun, but that doesn't make the game as great as people say it is. That's really all I'm arguing here. I mean, I still have way more actual fun with the experience in Nazi Zombies, but Left 4 Dead gets rated above it. Why? It can be fun, but it's still not as good. Also, my computer must be failing then, because I can't play any games on my steam right now. It's asking me to update, but I can't exactly do that. I find both fun experiences, which is all that matters in a game to me. You're going to have to update it then.
  8. If you're referring to no steam friends, you are correct. I barely have any. But I'm not looking at that per say. I'm looking at the fact that you can barely buy any games retail anymore, for one. Solid game copies are much more convienent. I also have to open up steam to play. If my internet is down (which it is on my normal computer, very hard to fix, and I've actually wanted to try Half Life) I can't play. Also, that trailer is pretty badass, can't deny. EDIT: I can now see what you actually were referring to. Dude, even with friends, Left 4 Dead is still not as great as sooo many
  9. First: I did say I liked portal. It just isn't as good as people say. Therefore, overrated. Second: Left 4 Dead does not have the replayability of GOOD games. Which is why is pisses me off when it gets in the top 5 for zombie games, or co-op. It's limited in terms of gameplay compared to cod zombies even (not back with Nacht, however). What did it really do for the zombie genre? I'm not saying this is a bad game either, but this one is really overrated in every aspect. It's just simply not that fun. Neither of them are amazing games (though Portal is still very good, just not as grea
  10. This. They're both amazing games, loved by many, and respected by most developers.
  11. I'll join! Add me on Steam, same name as here.
  12. MvM!!!! http://www.teamfortress.com/mvm/
  13. Gstroy

    Dub the Dew

    I posted this in the wrong section... Can a mod move it to off topic?
  14. Portal and L4D are both considered top ten games of this generation...
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