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  1. I hope to god that the PS3 version has dedicated servers. :?
  2. "Treyarch Studios ‏@Treyarch 50% off Black Ops DLC for a limited time! Join us this weekend for some Double XP (FRI, 10am/PST, ending MON, 10am/PST)." So yeah, just thought you'd like to know. Been waiting for another Double XP weekend for ages. :O
  3. Woods would be 95 years old, as his birth date is 1930.
  4. I think Black Ops 2 will be set in 1972, considering that's the only place it can realistically go. Evidence from the terminal in Black Ops suggests so, at least.
  5. I know how to deal with them, but the crappy servers don't update fast enough, getting me killed. That's why I made it optional. Campers completely sapped the fun out of me for Black Ops. They're usually easy to deal with, but for Christ's sake, they have their own perks in Ghost and suppressor! Well, depends how people use it. If they can't be trusted with responsibility, it'll have to be removed. It'd make the game SO much better, because if the servers are as bad as they were in Black Ops, I don't want to deal with them. Black Ops was pretty much made for campers, which still saddens me to this day, considering Black Ops is the only COD game which has a multiplayer that's fun to play, at least in my opinion. Yes, because assault rifles are overpowered, meaning we need more balance. There are 31 guns in Black Ops, to which only four guns ever truly got used. My ideas weren't necessarily nerfing, if there was balance, there wouldn't need to be any nerfing! :V
  6. Here's an idea: Lately, I have been punching my PS3 in rage of how broken Black Ops' multiplayer servers are. So much wasted potential here and there, but I'll cut to the point: 1) Give weapons balance! I've seen your multiplayer record Treyarch, and you're guilty of both the MP40 and the FAMAS. Give each weapon a purpose and therefore, a reason to use over the other available guns. It will then stop overcentralising one group of guns and add more variety to multiplayer. 2) Fix your damn servers! I am absolutely sick of the appalling state of the servers and how most of my games are completely ruined by them. Don't know what I mean? "CONNECTION INTERRUPTED"! 3) I will put my complete faith into Treyarch if this is employed. To put it bluntly: I don't like campers. No one does. They absolutely ruin the flow of the game and score high killstreaks by doing absolutely nothing. This decimates the fun in multiplayer, because I'm sick of having to throw a concussion over every corner I see, due to a possibility of someone with a suppressed FAMAS with ghost is sitting there, but here's my point: I propose a report button, except it isn't necessarily. for a certain number of reports the player gets, they get a 'camper tag' placed on them, which lasts approximately a month. Just like the 'locale only or everyone' setting, place a similar one for these, where you can choose whether you want to be placed in a lobby where people with camper tags are allowed to play, or a lobby where they aren't. I think I covered most of the issues. One more thing: Please make good DLC maps next time! EDIT: Make the Spy Plane a 4 killstreak if you're keeping hardline in. A 2 kill support killstreak is ridiculous.
  7. I've had dogs come at round 4. Just sayin'.
  8. It was both a perk and an "addition" to how the game could be played. I should probably say that I meant edition as a form of edit. PhD was more of an optional thing, with the choice of buying it to activate all of its fun stuff.
  9. I'm assuming you have a strict NAT type, don't you?
  10. an ability that allowed you to explode after diving off an elevated platform wasn't COD either, who cares. It's zombies. That was a perk, not an edition to the way the game works.
  11. I wanted to look into it a little after I read this topic: viewtopic.php?f=83&t=20016 It seems possible that the penetration damage isn't included at all, and after reading that, I thought it may have mirrored how it worked in the game, although it may have just been a mistake. If it did work like that in the game, then that could've been one of the possible explanations. EDIT: Dammit, ninja'd.
  12. Stats taken from: http://www.eaglesorbit.com/zombie/weapons/five.php Looking at the stats, you can see that the maximum damage the Ray Gun and Porter's Ray Gun can do against a single zombie are 270000 and 480000 respectively. Divide that by the maximum ammo for each (180 and 240 respectively) and you get their maximum splash damage (1500 and 2000). But looking at the charts, it says the Ray Gun and its Pack a Punched variant do 1000 damage, which I assume is some form of penetration damage. What gives?
  13. I'd personally say neither, as I think the most accurate representation of a player's skill is their points and how they compare to their number of kills, and even then, it isn't completely accurate. Especially if you're using something like an MP5K on round 35.
  14. Nope. It's the tunnel right near the end of that rocket level.
  15. In the words of a God: "nixon ftw".
  16. It doesn't bother me too much, but as a technical gamer, it does help if I have an advantage from the technical side. :V
  17. As someone who's played through veteran, the only thing I can say about the tunnel is that enemies infinitely respawn. You need to push forward, use very bit of cover available then your teammates should move with you and nab you the checkpoint. It gets easier, the only mission that's harder is Numbers.
  18. I know it increments as levels go on, but where does it begin, and by what algorithm does it increase (i.e x1.1)? I know Duckcall00 has a chart on this, but the chart's too obscure and I question the accuracy of them anyway. Anyone know? Prize is brains.
  19. Talking to the other dude. I think his post got removed.
  20. You know I wasn't being serious, right? =S
  21. but shapeshifter your not in charge
  22. I used Duckcall00's charts: viewtopic.php?t=9270 Don't follow them by heart, as I often question their reliability. There are numerous errors, so I can't exactly confirm it. One thing you'd have to remember however, is that the Pentagon Thief has more health the more people that play, so my differentiated opinion could come from me almost never playing solo. :P
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