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  1. I found this on facebook, FPSRussia posted it stating that he would be there. Link if the image doesn't work. http://www.atlantazombie.com/images/sto ... bpage7.gif What i'm interested in is where it says about the CDD (Centre for Disease Development) trying to control the undead and create their own army, and the survivors are sick of it. This got me thinking, will we be seeing this somewhere in zombies? We know we are playing as the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and the CIA in the 4z4 mode, maybe they will play a bigger role sometime in the storyline? What are your thoughts?
  2. I still believe it's a robot, it is even creepier if it's a robot, i made a topic about this here if you want to check it out. viewtopic.php?f=100&t=24281
  3. With everyone speculating on who or what is driving the bus, i thought i would chip in. I believe the driver of the bus is in fact a robot, because 1. it doesn't move or react 2. The robotic voice 3. Well, everyone else has pointed out the reasons, i think someone posted something about the bus driving on indentation on the road. The main reason i think it's a robot driving is this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfI69DC_jaw By the way, it's in russian but with english subtitles. Basically, it's a russian animation based on Ray Bradbury's short story, There will come soft rains. Main article for the story here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There_Will ... hort_story) It's basically about a house which carries on running, doing its daily tasks even though the family occupying it is dead and the world has been completely destroyed, which is basically what the teaser looked like to me, automatic bus still running, following the same track. The russian animation has a creepy feeling to it, which is why I think Treyarch is using a robot to automatically drive the bus, to add creepiness to the map. Anyway, it got me thinking, maybe this bus just drives automatically round the map, and stops at each stop, for lets say 10 seconds, you can get on the bus and stay on it, while zombies attack it, and you can get off at the next stop, so a quicker way to get around the map, but with the added danger of zombies. What do you think?
  4. Haven't posted here for a while. Certainly looks real, although if it's fake its a very good fake. things i have spotted: Too advanced for 935? scrawls on the middle left that looks like "isn't our problem any more A faint scrawl saying zero point energy another faint scrawl saying telekinesis i think text on bottom right "at least the f***ing girl and those bloody dogs have stopped showing up, i think the rest say i've got a plan, last bit says this is MORSE That zombie looks like it has some kind of plate on it, possibly gives it powers, telekinesis? symbol next to to the zombie head, i think it's the iluminati but for the life of me i cannot remember illustartion on the left looks like it attaches to an arm, looks like some kind of gun, possibly a zero point energy gun? Thats it so far, it looks like a cyborg type zombie Thoughts? EDIT the text on the middle left says she isn't our problem anymore, possibly referring to samantha?
  5. Intriguing, makes sense to me. Nice theory :D
  6. Does anyone else think when you go down there should be a button you can press to shout and give the player reviving you a warning when there are zombies behind you, kinda like the way you can call for your team mate in modern warfare? The amount of times i've gone down reviving someone because they wasted all their bullets is just silly.
  7. Amazing idea, this map would be great to put in as the secret map you unlock after completing the campaign. brains to you [brains]
  8. Sounds like gears horde mode, which is awesome by the way :D
  9. http://m.computerandvideogames.com/3459 ... ant-mechs/ Scroll down near bottom and zombies info is there. Just imagine rape training with 60 zombies instead of 24? :twisted:
  10. Zombies campaign sounds good, as long as it doesn't tie in with the normal campaign. MOAR, give me more!! OK little less :lol:
  11. I think he was in his mid 20s or 30s not sure, haven't played the campaign in a while :)
  12. The site works fine for me, also the guy on the poster looks alot like mason, it also reminds me of dempsey :lol:
  13. It could be a giant artillery piece, like the pictures someones put up, but much much bigger, or a giant gun for use in a robot suit, think avatar :lol:
  14. I think either there will be a new clue on the call of duty website which hints alot at zombies or there will be something in the reveal. I also think we should keep an eye on the terminal in BLOPS, they may add something in there via an update. :D
  15. CheezyWeezle That actually makes sense, sounds more plausible than the timestamps being dates etc. Good idea. 8-)
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