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You're Banned!

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You Hellhound, are bannned for your dog trying to fetch my soul.

YOU are banned for turning a chicklet into a flesh eating monstrosity :D

You are banned for being obsessed with Asian chicks.

Your banned for....um....well....um...I don't have an answer- I'm obsessed with these girls. Yur right :lol::lol:

They're beauties

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Youauhellhounds ARE NOT little!

You're banned for making a post that I almost didn't understand

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You're banned because you... AH you already banned yourself!! WHAT DO I DO NOW :shock:

*Explodes* [tab][/tab] "It's going to be all over ze walls, and ze floor, and ze ceiling!"

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Your banned for excessive use of TROLOLOLOL

Your banned for being a Hellhound.

You're banned for having a Samantha avatar.

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You're banned for having an avatar of a doggy general.

You're banned for being piepwns. Also, I am an Emperor, not just a general.

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Yes, but your Avatar is of a Doggy General, though you are an Emperor.

Actually, my avatar is Napoleon Bonaparte with a Dog for a head, so that would be Emperor Doggy.

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You're banned for banning us for something you never said we couldn't do.

You're banned for trying to ban me for me banning you about your banning abuses.

P.S can't ban me for overusing the word ban.

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