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  1. Eddiethehead

    CoDz Word Association Game

    Robert plant.
  2. Eddiethehead

    The Face Behind The Avatar

  3. Eddiethehead

    Your view of Human Life and World History

    That is how I meant it to be. I would like to apologize to anyone I have offended with my signature. I wasn't trying to attack anyone's faith, simply raise some questions that could lead to discussion. Stuff like debating (and things like this thread) is a great interest of mine. In regards to my statement being racist, I honestly never saw it being construed in that way, as every single depiction of Adam and Eve was white, not a single time any other color, so I figured it was safe to assume that.  The beggining, where I compared God to an imaginary friend could have used better wording... Or something. Maybe an explanation. What it means to say, (tactlessly as it did) is that if one person clad to speak to/believe in a being that has no conclusive proof as to it's existence,  they are deemed, as Ehj said, to have a mental illness. Or something.  However, if a mass of people believe that the being is there it is socially acceptable. In short, I wasn't trying to hurt anyone, I simply wanted to make people think when they saw it. A signature probably wasn't the best way to do it. That's very intellectual if you. Also, what happened to your username...?
  4. Eddiethehead

    Your view of Human Life and World History

    Mate, I find your signature rather offensive, so I kindly ask if you could please remove it or change it into something less offensive. I'm gonna change it 'cause StarwrsBob's breathing down my neck about it, but, pray tell what is so offensive about it? They are valid thoughts/question. Could you maybe provide explanations answering them? Okay, if someone has "Jesus loves you" in their sig, will ya make them change it too? C'mon, this ain't nazi Germany.
  5. Eddiethehead

    CoDz Word Association Game

  6. Eddiethehead

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Lol is that really you? That's cool, you sing? I thought you'd look younger, that guy looks to be about 30 something Not in a bad way or anything.... That's not Tankeo. That's George "corpsegrinder" fisher. He the singer of cannibal corpse.
  7. Eddiethehead

    What is your legacy?

    My legacy is being that guy who isn't that great at zombies, but has an awesome taste in music... ...seriously, I listen to unhealthy (or should I say unholy? :twisted: ) amounts of judas priest and testament...
  8. Eddiethehead

    Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    I presume that by dg3 you mean the thundergun, which is correct! My next clue would have probably oven it away: 3. Despite my name, I am not loud.
  9. Eddiethehead

    Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    Which Wunderwaffe?
  10. Eddiethehead

    Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    I'll give another hint: 2. I kill zombies as fast as lightning.
  11. Eddiethehead

    Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    1. I can be a lifesaver. (and no multiple answer replies! Please! One answer to a reply!)
  12. Eddiethehead

    Your view of Human Life and World History

    I agree with that from a moral standpoint, but look at it like this. If the women was not able to have the abortion and didn't have the baby adopted, she could abuse that child by simple neglect. It's a frivolous reason to abort, but potentially better than the alternatives for the child. In a perfect world there would be no need for abortion, however we do not live in that world. Whilst not directly related to this topic, it sums up a lot of my opinions on a lot of social issues. [ Image ] I was actually going to post that pic, but chose not to out of fear for a flame war..... Anyways but gearing toward the taboo subject of gay marriage: First off, I consider myself straight as an arrow. Second off, I whole-heartedly support gay marriage. Do people know why gay marriage is not allowed in most states? Religion. There needs to be a major seperation of church and state to me. Most religions look down upon homosexuality. Hmm, I thought "god" was supposed to love everybody? What makes them ny different? And back to the subject of religion: Most of the religions I come in contact with are prett much"were the only true religion if you don't believe in god you're going to hell." Then, I say: Well what about Pre histori times, when the only organized religion was paganism? What about the Egyptians and Greeks? I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I certainly didn't mean to. I just needed to say that.
  13. Eddiethehead

    CoDz Word Association Game

    Umm...combat boots.
  14. Eddiethehead

    Your view of Human Life and World History

    On the religious aspect, I am strictly atheist. I believe that no God or gods exist and that the bible is a children's story gone too far. Talking animals, turning a stick into a serpent, and wizards. I think you get my point. This is much to the dismay of my parents, who are both Christian. My thoughts on abortion: it's okay in Some circumstances. If a 16 year old girl is raped or if the like. However, I do not agree with (and believe me this has happened) a 30-year old woman gets pregnan and she doesn't want a baby so she gets an abortion. That's what I don't agree with.
  15. Eddiethehead

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Sent. :D

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