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  1. M1911 No special perk is especially recommended for this gun. However, jugg or ph flopper is recommended if you are planning on pack a punching it. CZ75 single/dual Once again nothing special here. However, double tap may come in handy. Python My personal favorite backup. Speed cola and double tap are a must when using this gun. Speed cola especially when using this gun un-pap'd. This goes for the .357 in [email protected] as well. Next on our list of combos is wunderwaffes, which I will publish this weekend. If anyone feels anything needs be corrected, please let me know.
  2. If in in a casual, "I just want to have fun" mood, I'll do pretty okay and quit at around 20. But if I'm in a gaming mood, and going for a high round, I'll do amazing.
  3. Damn, you took mine! I also like to have someone shoot me with the crossbow and before it explodes ill run into a horde.
  4. I don't know, but this is an awesome theory. I always thought the gun in the picture was a Winchester 1866 or obthe like, looking at the buttstock and reciever of it. Opinion?
  5. If you were a fan of the first few call of duties, this ill be some sad news: Joel Goldsmith, who composed the early call of duties' musical scores, has passed away, from natural causes as far as I've heard. This is a sad piece of news for me especially, as the first cods are my all time favorites and my favorite call of duty of all time is 3, it was also my first cod experience.
  6. So what, we're not allowed to voice our opinions? It wasn't All about the 8 player thing, and you please shut up and quit saying that I only watched the "two minute trailer". I've read every piece of info I could on it, and I mainly was saying that taking place in 2025 was going to be real odd.
  7. Idk, when I heard blops 2 was coming out, I was really exited. Then wen I heard all the details, I started he a little dissapointed. 2025? 8 player zonbies? Not playing as original characters? (campaign, obviously- we haven't gotten enough details) Anyways, was anyone else disappointed when they heard this news? I know all of the hardcore cod fanboys are going to jump on and be like, "oh my gawd like how could you say that? All cods are greä and mw3 was futuristic and it was the BEST ONE! So this could only be better right! (Not naming names, just saying...) Pretty much, I think I'm going to (with the exception of zombies, I will always play zombies!) ditch call of duty as a whole. I think ill just stick to battlefield, fallout, and [email protected] and before cod's until cod actually makes a campaign with playing, ( and that doesn't make a jump fron the 60s to freakin 2025!) and fun multiplayer, (cod multiplayer doesn't impress muh as it is, I much prefer battlefield and medal of honor multiplayer.) Does anyone else feel this way?
  8. No I sent it to the one in your profile, triixster. Do you want me to send it to your yahoo?
  9. Phxtxm I sent you an email with a screenshot. :)
  10. I said this already, I'm at my dads for te week and he won't let me sync my iPod with his computer. Plus, the computer at my house doesn't want to read my iPod.
  11. I cAn be Takeo, and I have photographic proof, but read my post in the off topic section regarding it and that will give a few more details about why I can't post it to the site. So could I just email a pic to you?
  12. My best guess is time travel, because ithewise by that time all of the character would surely be deceased. PS: Tankeo, I just saw your new avatar. NATHAN EXPLOSION!!!!!!!
  13. The keys to the things meant to us safe, to me, is a n obvious reference to nuclear launch codes, as in the us's nuclear arsenal is a huge deterrent against attack.
  14. So we went from the 60s to...2025?! Damn, this is getting strange. Bet it will have something to do with a nuclear war.
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