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  1. Who cares if gays want to be miserable like everyone else and get married?
  2. Anyone remember me? I left, mainly, because the site was pretty much going downhill. When I joined up, way back in 2011, there was such a sense of community, everyone was so close knit. I miss brains too. Even though I only had like 200. I miss the old members. Superhands, strwarsbob, Covy, the list goes on.
  3. Ive came here to say in leaving the site, probably never to return. Shrew, undead- Keep the metal alive on these forums, okay? Jay- Without you I would have never gotten to a high round on Five. Superhands, Chopper, and all the others- Thanks. Without you guys, I would have never gotten above round 20. So, See y'all later
  4. This threads gettin' revived. Shrew, undead- What are the top ten most influential metal bands and why?
  5. It's tough man. I had a dog with me for the first 11 years of my life. An Austrialian sheperd named pumpkin. She was about two years older than me. In her last year or so, she began to lose co trip of her bodily functions and she could barely walk. (It was a horribly sad sight to see...), and then I remember coming home from school one day and being told that pumpkin had died. Yes there were lots of tears, but I learned to move on past it. Sure, nothing can replace it or take its place. But here will always be a pet to partially fill that void. I'm getting Teary eyed typing this actuall
  6. Don't tell me you got in trouble with the mods again... :?
  7. ...Anyone else notice how Mustaine is borderline psychotic?
  8. So? Vwhoever said there isn't a single good track on yourhnasia Is a goddamn poseur.I got yelled at because apparently having studs on my battle jacket is "faggy." Rememer kiddies, halford (a quintessential metal god) made them gay. Not other gays.
  9. Meh, they're just another failed side project. They died with dimebag. The only good thrash side project ive seen is SOD. Also extremely glad to see that argument ended quickly...
  10. I used to love that show when I was a kid
  11. *sees argument between Tankeo and shrew* *falls into fetal position and whispers norse prayers* Oh god please not now NOT NOW GUYS!
  12. When the hell did I ever say I liked green day?
  13. You don't judge me for liking KISS, I wont judge you for liking Korn... :twisted: Anyways, gonna go throw on my skullcandys and rock out to some screaming for vengeance or ...and justice for all. :D
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