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  1. Here is a link to a post that talks about numbers that spell "ebola" upside down on the gknova website. Think about it, ebola was huge in africa, and ebola has cod zombie like symptoms, so mabye porter went there for research. viewtopic.php?t=2090
  2. I'm thinking it was a descendant of porter, seeing it is "Modern" warfare. Or it's IW trying to mess with zombies, but I doubt it.
  3. Woods is alive. in terminal type notex2.txt. Before arguing just do it.
  4. After some internet searching, i have found something interesting. The next cod is rumored to be called iron wolf. I don't know how much this means, but im going to do some more research. Read: http://kotaku.com/5830319/is-iron-wolf- ... ll-of-duty *UPDATE: The Iron Wolves were a Lithuanian/Nazi underground fascist group during the 1930's formed by Augustinas Voldemaras to take out Political opponents. Augustinas formed the group in 1927, but was banned in 1930, although they still continued as an underground group. They performed a failed assassination on the first lithuanian president(Antanas Smetona) in 1934. This was part of their attempted mass uprising in 1934. Thats all for now. Sources: http://pages.rediff.com/iron-wolf--lithuania-/983145 http://www.shunpiking.com/books/GC/GC-A ... pter17.htm *UPDATE: There is another "Iron Wolf" i have found. It is a brigade in the lithuanian army. It was active from 1992 and still is. I do not think this is the related Iron Wolf, only because the the fascist movement was an underground orginization, like a Black Op, which is supposed to be unknown, which ties the original post closer to a BO sequel.
  5. Turned on the zapper with someone without jugg with the other way being filled with zombies. Hehehe evil laugh. I kind of just did that to be an asshole though, but the other 50 percent being because that person is completely unfun to play with every other time we play. I open every door just so they can buy something shitty... Grrr.
  6. Well you do realise that this could take place after CotD, there never was any sign that we time traveled after that point.[/quote Remember when you send the crew back from call of the dead, it goes back it actual time to shangri la. So in real time cotd is after shangri la, and i think they went to area 51 right after shangri la, so cotd is likely after moon, so they probably did figure something out.
  7. Anyone notice the barrel things on the stage in kino? It seems there are either humans or monkeys in there, and I think it could be related somehow. Maybe they are something sent possibly from another map. Actually I doubt that, unless it was sent from Der Riese, because the theater was ment to present Maxis' research/ creations. It had to be from Der Riese, if anywhere. It had to be something Maxis was working on otherwise it would have no reason for being there.
  8. [brains] nice dude. I'd like to discuss the origins of nova crawlers. I believe that the were created using monkeys, seeing it is like the rebirth labs, where in campaign, there were monkeys, where they tested/ worked on Nova 6. plus they physically look like monkeys. I don't think this is related, but on the der riese map, there is an "Animal Testing Lab" which I'm wondering what else they worked on besides dogs. Anyways I'm pretty sure nova crawlers were created in that lab. An thoughts?
  9. mabye those 4 cylinder looking things are 115 containers, being labeled in russian because it was from a 115 deposit in russia? German gun, Russian 115. Or mabye some of the 115 is being obtained from russia, being used in other countries, mabye leading to proof of a large 115 deposit in russia... COtD probably. I'm guessing the things put in during reload are some sort of energy source, I doubt it can be powered by 115 alone.
  10. OK, as most of us know, Battlefield is a direct competitor of Call of Duty. I'm watching TV, and i see the Battlefield 3 commercial with all the soldiers. I swear one of them sounded Just like Dempsey. Not just kinda, but EXACTLY like Dempsey. Has the voice of Dempsey stabbed Treyarch in the back, or is it just a coincidence? I don't know, but it's an odd case.
  11. It's what gives the map a special challenge, like dogs, pentagon theif, or monkeys. It is crediting George Romero, because zombie media wouldn't be nearly as big if it wasn't for him.
  12. The other four portraits are Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolai, so I would guess that it might be in memory of the dead mexican that was being experimented on before Dempsey.
  13. Nice solo strat. Ive had a helluva hard time finding a good solo strategy for Verruckt, so this is pretty awesome.You know exactly what your doing, im sure you wouldnt have musch trouble getting to 100+. [brains] and happy killing :twisted:
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