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  1. Welcome back to Hell, my friend. Please make yourself more open and welcome to the new semi-hostile environment around you. Also, don't feed the hellhounds.
  2. I knew was good when I got 68 team revives and only 2 downs in a Kino Der Toten game. Everyone else had 30+ downs, no lies. Plus I carried my friends to round 30, no new record unfortunately, I also ended up killing my teammates mayybeee once or twice. Or 10 times... by accident.
  3. CoD Elite se come mierda. In other words, it eats the poo poo
  4. No, I'm focusing the MPD's pyramid and teleporters eye-like figure in Moon.
  5. I was derping around in the Doctor's Quarters in Shi No Numa, getting some Juggernog after geting do- besides the point, I found this note under the desk adjacent to the Juggernaut machine in Docs Quarters. what I remember it saying: "Might be powering HAARP, but it comes with a risk" DataPack found this note earlier, but what are the possible candidates for this risk? According to conspiracy theorists Natural Disasters Disrupts Human mental processes Disables communication globally Mind Control Delivers massive amounts of energy equal to a nuclear bomb. Note that mind control was one of Maxis's key elements to turning his hopeless zombies into lethal, undead soldiers. Also, the fact that it disrupts mental processes could be the cause for why Maxis's fruitless efforts to "humanize" his zombies were thwarted, and how the zombies just yell and run for you. However, the main research base for HAARP is in Alaska, plus it was a project that was proposed to span for a 20 year period starting in 1993. If it's been mentioned in 1946, then something's up, they may have been hiding it's existence for 50+ years! HAARP has been blamed for numerous earthquakes, particularly the 2010 Haiti Earthquake,which was disasterous among most others. Though tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis have been speculated to have been a HAARP activity, it focuses on Earthquakes the most. How erroneous, as it should focus on those two aerial factors, it is after all focused on the ionosphere. Here's where things get kicking, if the crew decides to return to Earth, there will be earthquakes because those missiles are basically meteors, it could have erupted the Yellowstone supervolcano, capable of clouding up the entire earth thus starving plants and animals, but not zombies! This theory is plausible because if Area 51 is still intact despite being practically in the blast zone, then as long as the crew can go to the HAARP research facility in Alaska and dispatch the possible earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes, without it fueling anymore hypercanes (super hurricanes caused by asteroid impacts). Now how would HAARP not be deactivated? What are the odds of the entire team at that facility to have taken their time to deactivate the device while being overrun the zombies so far into the past? After all, the fact that any rational human would just abandon everything to survive, hence why Richtofen wanted to survive to get what he wanted, to control the zombies. Why would the crew come to Earth again? Where else could they go? Mars, perhaps, or a Moon pyramid, but Earth has many supplies, so it would be smart to go there next, with PES of course, since Earth's atmosphere has been blasted into space. So what do you think? Took some brain storming but I pulled through, and at 5 AM too! :cry:
  6. I would love character ones Front - Back Nikolai - Mmm... Vodka Dempsey - Freakbags! Richtofen - Ze voices! Takeo - Slicing the dishonorable There should also be wonder weapons with their desired colors on the wristband.
  7. "Lungs... feel... flat, pain, in... pancre- ass!" I liked Richtofen a little more because of that, out of the 4 it's Richtofen for me.
  8. Honestly, I've never heard Richtofen curse except in Moon.
  9. 1. Moon - The fact that low gravity pads exist in this map make it so much more fun, the mysteries unfolding each time you see a power up on the landers or whenever you see a QED, especially more fun on co-op when we try to do BBT. 2. Ascension - Gets fun even on high rounds, especially fun with friends, always my second choice on solo because of the Matryoshka dolls and Gersches. 3. CoTD 4. Shangri - La 5. Der Riese 6. Shi no Numa 7. NML 8. Verruckt 9. Five 10. Kino Der Toten 11.NDT 12.DOA
  10. I'm sorry, but me being an artist, I laughed at the picture Other than that your theory really intrigued me, I assume that this could be another place for the crew to go for, perhaps to look for supplies after burning through them on GS. They could also be trying to find a weapon to release Richtofen from his grasp of the remaining zombies.
  11. Then I'm sure, that as unfortunate as it is, a title update may have removed it. I've tried getting the Perk bottle via QEDs, but I never found one, ever. If anyone does find one however, would you oblige to send proof via pictures or video recording?
  12. I don't think getting more than four perks on Moon is possible on solo, I checked the power ups on the pads in the dome when it spawned one and it never produced a perk bottle. I've thrown at least 70 QEDs and I've never gotten a green perk bottle. So I think it's just a big rumor, or maybe they removed the perk bottle via title update.
  13. Really? I thought it was that he had to spawn in the biodome and by some luck he danced. This, soviet, is, complete.
  14. Anyone else find the astronaut dancing? He "dances" by raising his right hand and standing in the same area until he is killed or Gersch'd.
  15. More brains, more blood, more spleens,more juicy additions to storyline. I'm LIKING it! Sorry I sound like a noob here but what's a c.e.? C.E = Counter Earth I don't blame you, when I first saw C.E I was thinking "Combat Evolved? But that's Halo content! :?: "
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