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  1. Welcome back to Hell, my friend. Please make yourself more open and welcome to the new semi-hostile environment around you. Also, don't feed the hellhounds.
  2. I knew was good when I got 68 team revives and only 2 downs in a Kino Der Toten game. Everyone else had 30+ downs, no lies. Plus I carried my friends to round 30, no new record unfortunately, I also ended up killing my teammates mayybeee once or twice. Or 10 times... by accident.
  3. No, this site is undead. Welcome to... The Twilight Zone! Do do do do do do do do...
  4. CoD Elite se come mierda. In other words, it eats the poo poo
  5. No, I'm focusing the MPD's pyramid and teleporters eye-like figure in Moon.
  6. Yeah, but I'll be at a movie sometime around 5 PM.
  7. No need to be good, just some teamwork and chatting would be nice. How long till you get it?
  8. Since my friends list is just a void of MW3 and indie games on the Xbox, I'm literally the only one on my friends list with Dead Space 2, therefore it's somewhat satisfying multiplayer is not so anymore. This is because I constantly play with randoms, no communication amongst us, therefore making everything in that match a bore and giving me almost constant losses. If anyone has Dead Space 2, please respond, I could use some people here! My Gamertag is MoB x Epsilon
  9. Hello, ok, so let's cut to the chase. I'm making a Zomies storyline comic, consisting of several separate comicbooks. Shi No Numa Der Riese Radio stories book Kino der Toten Ascension Radio stories book 2 Call of the Dead Shangri la Moon Rough draft for Shi No Numa is in progress, once the final draft is done I will try to use a scanner to get it up here to CoDz. I need some questions answered though How did they get to Der Riese, from Shi No Numa? From Kino to Ascension? Ascension to CoTD? Shangri la to Moon? What were they doing in SNN, Der Riese, and Kino?
  10. Shall we set a due date for summer? Or perhaps Halloween, as it will definetly set a mood.
  11. Don't be so certain, Tank. I'm still at the beginning of the rough draft, and considering I have 4 school projects to finish, plus homework, and learning to use the scanner on my printer, it'll be a while. I'm not even sure if there is a scanner on my printer. Though, it doesn't mean I won't try.
  12. That makes two of us then, kudos to you!
  13. Try out Hellgirl, sending people to hell because of their douchebaggery has never looked more cool, pretty creepy though. 1st episode, english dub.
  14. I was derping around in the Doctor's Quarters in Shi No Numa, getting some Juggernog after geting do- besides the point, I found this note under the desk adjacent to the Juggernaut machine in Docs Quarters. what I remember it saying: "Might be powering HAARP, but it comes with a risk" DataPack found this note earlier, but what are the possible candidates for this risk? According to conspiracy theorists Natural Disasters Disrupts Human mental processes Disables communication globally Mind Control Delivers massive amounts of energy equal to a nuclear bomb. Note that mind con
  15. I am sure you're a boy, guess it was because you don't have a zombshe on you. Plus I couldn't see any girl qualities developing on you except for your signature, so I just guessed.
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