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  1. Thompson, that was my girl back in the day in WaW, me and the Gibs-O-Matic had many good times.
  2. I prefer calling the Wunderwaffe the Wunderwaffle or just DG-2, The 31-79 the Shrink Ray or JGB Just sounds better.
  3. I don't think the thundergun is the DG-3 since it wasn't made by the germans But I totally perfer the WunderWAFFE (sorry REALLY hate it when people call it a waffle, I think that is a disgrace to such a awesome gun, but it's just my opnion ) I just perfer it, and if you buy PhD it does no splash damage, and can also get zombies around corners when you are in a sticky situation Regards Yellow-card8 Everyone calls it the Wunderwaffle because it's just a nickname. Everyone perfers calling it that over the actual German pronounceiation. Through I feel the same way when people call the Shrink Ray the Baby Gun (It annoys me so much, but just my opinion like yours)
  4. :shock: You can't be serious. When did we figure this out? This changes the entire storyline as we know it! I thought this was a sarcastic Did you Know thread, sorry.
  5. Did you know Der Reise is located Near Breslau, Germany?
  6. Playing with friends is easier, more relaxing, you tend to not think about it as hard, which means you don't do as good most of the time, Through with friends, your guarenteed to get revived 99% of the time, which means you don't have to recover as much (espessicly if you have the money) I myself mostly play with my girlfriend. her sister, her brother, there mom, my brother, my sister, some other lesbian friends from around town, and my dad. through, I will play with randoms occasionaly if I need a break from my circel of friends. I prefer friends, but as I always say all your closest friends were randoms at one point.
  7. Five doesen't suck, it just takes time to figure it out. Once you can figure out how to navigate the map, get some good players and get a good strategy, the map is not that hard. People shouldn't give it a bad rep because it's tight and difficult, I like it like that, but the Pentagon Thief is a biatch. And I really don't know if the Winter Howl's that good or not, ive only gotten it 4 times combined in Five and Verruckt since I got Black Ops. (Not kidding)
  8. The only one ive never been able to finish is Ascension, no matter how many times I attempt that one (I have a bunch), everything falls apart and we always die on the last step or can't get the damn Pop Dolls.
  9. ^This My opinion They obviously need to continue with the classic stuff, the Small EE's, and the Musical one (Keep Elana please Treyarch PLEASE, I hated the other two songs) and I would also love to see more Big EE's, they were pretty fun (Except Shangri-La's, which was just annoying to get going let alone finish it) So make them harder, but more fun, and no 4 player only EE's.
  10. I beleive Maxis created the blueprints for the Thundergun, but the Russians took them and made it.
  11. I'm pretty sure the DG-3 only killed 20 per shot Sorry, it killed 24.
  12. Sorry, I was offline for a few days. Checked this thread first right now. Nice job Way 2 Go, you get brains!!! LOTS O BRAINS [brains] and you too "The Doctor" [brains]
  13. first off I wrote it like THAN to show you were spelling it wrong. Second, THIS IS BLASPHEMY! THIS IS BLASPHEMY, and im not spelling Wunderwaffle wrong, just calling it by the nickname, maybe I am misspelling Than, but not WUNDERWAFFLE ^ See above ^ See Above
  14. Lmfao, true about Zombie Gods = Samantha Un PaPed/PaPed in BO, the Origional DG-3 is pure badassery. You make a valid point, but still, if you run out of ammo before the dog/monkey round you can be fuck faced if you need ze Thundergun, Im not saying the Thundergun is bad. It's just that Ze Vundervaffe is better. If you know what you're doing and not on round 35-40+, the Thundergun shouldn't run out of ammo, plus the max ammo's attainable by killing vith anozer non vundervaffe. Then you can pack-a-punch it for MORE ammo if you run out mid round. Plus, have you ever fired the Thundergun? Sure you're just hitting a button, but with the sound, and effect, you can just FEEL the power of the Thundergun. Of course, both of these weapons pale in comparison to the D34TH M4CH1N3. Which, As you said, and I quote, "is God" Of course I know Max Ammo can be obtained. but still, the DG-2 has more ammo then the Thundergun, is always a 1 hit kill if the shot hits, well with Thundergun, you can miss Zombies and die if you can't a second shot off. Im sorry, the Thundergun doesen't compare. ZE WUNDERWAFFLE IS GREATER Then God.
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