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  1. OOC: Well Round 7 is almost over, so probaly time to start 8
  2. OOC: Im not introducing those types of Zombies until the maps they first appeard in. LET ROUND 8 BEGIN (I think it's Round 8)
  3. OOC: I think the Round's just about over. maybe a few more Zombies.
  4. "My Minions, YOU ARE WEAK, you need to rip them limb by limb until they beg for there miserable life!"
  5. Thompson, that was my girl back in the day in WaW, me and the Gibs-O-Matic had many good times.
  6. OOC: I have been watching However I will only be on for a little, I don't have that much time on the weekdays, just make sure someone gets the Ray Gun, lmfao OOC: Yes, I will add Dogs to the mix in Verruckt (like they origional were supposed to be there but where cut, ill add them in there for fun)
  7. I prefer calling the Wunderwaffe the Wunderwaffle or just DG-2, The 31-79 the Shrink Ray or JGB Just sounds better.
  8. OOC: Ehh, not sure, I don't think all the zombies would be dead that quick. Seems too quick.
  9. Are you trying to bring my game down Undead??? :roll:
  10. Undead isen't playing. I messaged him, he said he never meant to imply he was. so we'll make his charecter a NPC, unless Eddie or ang wants the part
  11. Ehh kinda, but post in the other thread and what you just posted might go something like I buy the Kar98K "Hey Freakbags, I got a Kar98K for YA!!!" and what ZOTD said
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