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The Hacker Bonus


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Carrying the Hacker has many benefits as you all might know, however most people are unaware of just how beneficial the Hacker truly can be (Particularly to your points.) Of course you can get a 1000 points hacking excavators, and you can get 100 points for hacking a window, but the Hacker Bonus is worth a much more significant amount of points.

The following chart shows the Hacker Bonus recieved, depending on how many rounds you've been holding the Hacker:

1 round: 500 points

2 rounds: 1000 points

3 rounds: 1500 points

4 rounds: 2000 points

5 or more rounds: 2500 points

Some players are aware of this bonus, however most people are unaware you can get TWO of these bonuses per round. One for completing the round and starting a new one, and another one for teleporting to Area 51 with the Hacker. Every time you travel there, you will get the bonus. Now add these bonuses together (by leaving a crawler and going to Area 51 each round), and you will be making a significant amount of points per round.

1 round: 1000 points

2 rounds: 2000 points

3 rounds: 3000 points

4 rounds: 4000 points

5 or more rounds: 5000 points

Things to note about the Hacker Bonus

* To recieve the Hacker Bonus, you must carry the Hacker device for one whole round before you get your first bonus points in the next round.

* You cannot put the Hacker down at ANY time, or your cumlative Hacker Bonus will return to to 0, and you must carry the Hacker for another whole round before starting back at the 500 point mark.

* Multiple Hackers will sometimes net multiple players getting the bonus.

* Here's a link to FU453's "Hacker: All Known Effects" thread if you need it. viewtopic.php?f=72&t=16354

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wow! i didn't know that!!

after 5 rounds, does it start over, or does it stay at 5000 for every round after that?

As long as you don't drop the Hacker, and go to Area 51 every round, it stays at a combined 5000 points a Round. That's 100k if you hold it for 20 rounds. Personally, I rarely ever put it down, only for the Easter Egg steps if I have to.

More importantly, the Hacker literally pays for itself when hacking Max Ammos in the high rounds, as you make 5000 just for holding onto the thing. Not to mention, it's an excellent way to make points quick in the early rounds.

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Yeah it does make some real nice points, of course you'l need a PES to use the box in the power room and Mule Kick areas, but any other time I have the hacker equiped, therefore never letting go of it once I've got my ideal weapon set-up.

whats the best way to deactivate the excavator, i usually die when i try to get back to the bio-dome?

Really depends on whether you're playing solo or co-op.

For solo, teleport to Area 51, then back to the Receiving Bay. Hack it as quickly as you possibly can, then run for it. You'll want to have out a powerful weapon for clearing a path if you get blocked, the Wave Gun preferably.

For co-op, have everyone stop shooting as soon as the first warning goes off, and let all of the zombies in. Once they're all in, you run past someone elses train and merge your train with theirs. This needs good timing, basically you'll need to be running in the same direction they're running and run with them for a second or 2, then carry on running towards the front entrance and the other guy should take your train.

From here you just run to hack the panel on your own. Nobody should kill any zombies while you're gone, otherwise they'll start spawning on you which of course will make things harder for you. Have a good weapon out just in case, if you have the Wave Gun then that, if not then the Ray Gun is good as well as the upgraded Spas or HS10.

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Yeah that pretty much sums up what I said about doing it in co-op, you give someone else all of your zombies and they run trains without killing any until you've hacked it and come back. Seems to work better with 2 players but it works in a 4 player game too.

If it's a 2 player game, have the person who does not have the hacker running their train in the open area at the front entrance of the Biodome, and the person with the hacker running somewhere else of their choice. So if you're the hacker guy, then when all the zombies are in slowly lead your train towards him while he loops, then when you get close and you see him running in your direction, run up to him, run with him for a second, then run straight out of the door. If done correctly he'll take all of the zombies, leaving you to go and hack.

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I noticed a few of you guys stating that you need to drop the hacker to use the box in the power room/outside by mule kick but you can actually keep it, same strategy works in the quick revive room if people blow out the windows.

What I do is I'll hit the box then run into the PES mask side room. For example, if the box is in the power room; start off in the doorway leading out from tunnel six, run down the stairs, hit the box and run back up into the room. You can immediately run back down and either hack the box for another spin or take the weapon. Same thing if it's by the mule kick, you hit the box, run into the doorway and run back out.

You can also get mule kick with the hacker on you just have to be quick.

It's also possible to just keep everyone in the bio-dome. One match I was playing with 3 other people, we all had the hacker and were all running circles in the bio-dome. I ran circles by the entrance to the bio-dome, another ran circles on the side that leads to the backdoor to the teleporter (We never opened that backdoor), another ran circles by the stairs in the center of the bio-dome and the last guy ran circles closer to Flopper.

This works in the higher levels as well, we went up to round 34 before we all got bored/tired and just killed ourselves so we could end the match.

Anyways I hope this helps some of you, if not then oh well. Good night!

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You have to hold onto it for 3ish rounds before you start getting the bonus, not 1 round.

You might of got confused when I was explaining it. Here's an example. Say you kill all the zombies on Round 5, go to the lab and pick up the Hacker. When that round ends you will not get the bonus. You will also not get the bonus at the end of Round 6 as Round 6 counts as your full round of holding the Hacker. But when Round 7 is done (or you teleport to Area 51 during Round 7), you will get the starting bonus of 500 points. It then increases each round until maxing at a 2500 point bonus (or 5000 points total per round if you're going to Area 51 each round.)

I could see how you might count that as 3 rounds, if you're counting Round 5 or 6. Hope that clears things up :)

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Is it possible to get two hackers? (more than one in the game is available)

Yes, it's possible to get two or more hackers at the same time. To get two Hackers, you both must hit the Hacker at the same time when you pick it up. The timing has to be exactly right for this, so it might take a few tries.

You can do this multiples times so all players can have the Hacker at the same time as well. Say if you got 3 players, two people pick it up at the same time and both will get it. One of the two people that have it then puts it down and it'll respawn in the lab. And you just do the same thing again with the two players that don't have it, and all 3 will have it.

Thanks for posting this info. Ive taken the liberty of quoting thus onto my Hacker all knkwn effects and discussion in the OP. And of course Ive given you credit ;)

I saw your thread and thanks for the shoutout! The Hacker thread you made was fantastic, so I thought it definately deserved a direct link on here. I love the sense of community on here! :D

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do you think 3arch will patch that glitch? where 2 people can have it?

I'm not quite sure, I haven't played Moon (or zombies for that matter) for a couple days now and since the new patch. I'd imagine that they did, but perhaps someone knows the answer for sure?

Oh, and is anyone getting the all green text when they view the thread? It still shows all green text on my phone and not just the titles like it's suppose to be.

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No. All o see is white text.

BAHAHAHAH!! I see what ya did there :lol: . Hmm, I must not be getting enough sleep, everything is turning green :mrgreen:

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