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  1. I agree, it was brutal. I think that they shouldn't have the facial expressions.. it creeps me out......... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  2. In order to complete this easter egg, you need to have recieved the 2 previous trophies/achievements from "Call Of The Dead" and "shangri-La" which are "Ensemble Cast" and "Time Travel Will Tell." It is needed to complete the easter egg, however, you can complete it up to the part where Samantha comes out of the Pyramid and everyone recieves a 90-second Death machine. Weapons needed; Bowie Knife, Zap guns, Quantum bombs and Gursch devices. If these throphies/achievements are met, you will notice that Ricthofen will spawn with a icon on the bottom of his screen: it's infact a Vrill
  3. I'm not getting green text..
  4. yeah, i know CoTD is kinda old, but it's still my favorite map.. I didn't know it had already been posted...
  5. Sounds kinda hard yeah, i got to 23 before, i was solo though, so i had 3 qr's :twisted:
  6. 1. Knife door where characters are 2. Get fuse (in the room PHD flopper place, places can vary. It can be on table, opposite table, just check around the phd flopper room.) 3. Destroy generators: 1) One beside door where the people are trapped 2) One between quick revive and jug 3) One near double tap 4) One near stamin-up window 3. Go to top of ship and there's 3 switches to the right, activate the left one once, the one on the right 3 times, and then go to the wheel and turn it right once 4. Get a crawler or a zombie near the green ligh
  7. do you think 3arch will patch that glitch? where 2 people can have it?
  8. i hate those camper noobs... now they will have jugg suits!!!! i wish the AUG was in MW3
  9. you do get it on shangri-la with the focusing stone.
  10. Is it possible to get two hackers? (more than one in the game is available)
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