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  1. I noticed a few of you guys stating that you need to drop the hacker to use the box in the power room/outside by mule kick but you can actually keep it, same strategy works in the quick revive room if people blow out the windows. What I do is I'll hit the box then run into the PES mask side room. For example, if the box is in the power room; start off in the doorway leading out from tunnel six, run down the stairs, hit the box and run back up into the room. You can immediately run back down and either hack the box for another spin or take the weapon. Same thing if it's by the mule kick, you hit the box, run into the doorway and run back out. You can also get mule kick with the hacker on you just have to be quick. It's also possible to just keep everyone in the bio-dome. One match I was playing with 3 other people, we all had the hacker and were all running circles in the bio-dome. I ran circles by the entrance to the bio-dome, another ran circles on the side that leads to the backdoor to the teleporter (We never opened that backdoor), another ran circles by the stairs in the center of the bio-dome and the last guy ran circles closer to Flopper. This works in the higher levels as well, we went up to round 34 before we all got bored/tired and just killed ourselves so we could end the match. Anyways I hope this helps some of you, if not then oh well. Good night!
  2. Honestly I don't understand people like you, Xbox users also HAVE to pay if we want to play online, PS3/PC users do not have to pay a separate fee for that. So it makes sense that we would get extra perks such as an earlier release of new map packs. A quick example that comes to mind is this...you can take the bus from point A to point B, it is much cheaper than taking a plane from point A to point B, however the plane gets there much quicker, as a result you end up paying more. It's pretty much as simple as that. We pay more so we get something sooner. Personally, I could care less if you got it the same time that Xbox users did but I find it to be annoying when people like you complain that we get it earlier. /end rant Happy hunting!
  3. I've had similar experiences to OstonedshooterO. The other day in a match with 3 others they were knifing him to death with the sickle, near the quick revive machine. I was by the box closest to the Stamin-up hitting the mystery box and when he died both the perk bottle and the death machine spawned right next to me in the water. This happened a few other times as well. So, I don't think the items actually glitch out and don't spawn but instead I believe they just spawn at some other area on the map.
  4. Does anyone know if there can be only one Scavenger out per game in COTD? I know it still shows up as one of the random weapons in the box even after someone gets it (So did the Thundergun - but you could only have one of those). I ask because I've never actually seen two of them out at once but couldn't find anything online about it. Thanks.
  5. Ahaha on the first day I actually spent like 5 minutes clicking them and trying to drag George to them. Tried getting him to slam the ground near them...fun times.
  6. Ah, I've yet to complete the Easter Egg, sorry for missing that and thanks for both your replies.
  7. Thanks for the welcome and your reply. I understand that the PaP'd VR doesn't kill him but it does make him go away for a few rounds, if you shoot it at him while he is in water. I've camped a few straight rounds by the quick revive and he didn't show up for 2 rounds so I do believe it does more than shift him to another side of the map. I do like the idea of George but I find it to be more annoying keeping him around than it is interesting. Especially online...people seem to enjoy griefing and shooting him deliberately during the middle of the round. Anyways I have another question too now that I think of it, I did a search but couldn't find anything about it as I wasn't really sure what to look for. During the MP2 trailer one of the developers stated that you can do more with George than just kill him. What else can we do with him? I have yet to find him useful in any other way than killing him for the free perk/death machine. Also at certain areas in the map there are these silver things (One is next to the ice you step onto after you take the slide down) that make loud noises when you press X (for the xbox) next to them. Initially I thought you drag George to them and have him shock the ground which would electrocute them and they could be used as traps or something but I've tried various ways and they don't seem to do anything other than make noise. Has anyone else found a use for them?
  8. Alright so yesterday I was playing COTD with my roommate and I wanted to kill George, we made some crawlers and I started shooting him with the PaP'd Scavenger then after a while I used the Semtex, PaP'd HK and just my roommates regular non pap'd HK. I noticed a few things...if you shoot him when he's not enraged you get 10 points but if you continue to shoot him while he's enraged you get no points. Only after you bring him back to the water then shoot him again when he's OUT of the water do you get another 10 points. So this leaves me with a few questions: Do the shots where you get 10 points only count as damage to him? Does his health vary? Because I unloaded 18 Scavenger shots into him (The 10 point way - shoot him drag him to water - let him walk out - shoot him again). As well as at least 50-60 Pap'd HK and my roommate shot at least another 100-150 rounds into him. It took us around 20-30 minutes to kill him but I've watched videos where it seems like he goes down in about 10-15 Scavenger shots... Do different weapons affect how fast he dies or do you just keep shooting him? Hope this doesn't seem too random and would appreciate any feedback from others experiences, I would like to kill him more in the future as he's a big PITA. I prefer camping at times but he really makes you unable to camp; plus he tends to get in the way when you make your rounds around the map. But if it takes 20-30 minutes each time then it seems that it's better to just hold onto the Pap'd VR, which kills a weapon slot and send him back down every few rounds with a single shot. Thanks again and I apologize if this isn't proper CODZ etiquette as this is my first post on here.

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