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Spikemore from Verrückt

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The spikemore which I speak is a prototype as the "zombie gas" visible in the teleportation of Der Riese. Or a coincidence.

However I do see the date 11/3/42...

I found nothing about it.

Also, nice name... Do you have a cat by any chance? ;]
2 and I have already dreamed, but I did not choose my nickname for it.
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Also, nice name... Do you have a cat by any chance? ;]

- Waffles

He did... hes currently being investigated for animal cruelty ;)

Whats wrong with a little bit of radiation... it's no worse than what Richtofen did.

Anyway back on topic, I see what you are getting at but other than the spikes it doesn't really resemble a spikemore, it's the wrong shape.

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I don't see a single reference to the SpikeMore....

However I do see the date 11/3/42...

I saw that two and other stuff like some stuff about generation the sentences that curl around like this @________________ but the other way and a whole lot more symbols the buildings at the bottom and a bunch more sayings and stuff

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They arn't children's drawings, John was just so bat-sh!^ crazy that he wrote this crap on the walls. Hard to be an artist when you are completly insane.

And we solve most of this years ago, sorry. I don't think that is a spike-more though, considering the claymore would not be invented until years to come. A makeshift bouncing betty would be more likly.

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