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  1. I saw that two and other stuff like some stuff about generation the sentences that curl around like this @________________ but the other way and a whole lot more symbols the buildings at the bottom and a bunch more sayings and stuff
  2. WOW has noone been listening to me about this WOW :facepalm:
  3. i just know the tele by the power switch always sends you up to the board room or war room
  4. Zombiekiller794


    wait wait wait how do you go into first person???
  5. its a special glitch you hear them when theyre not there but in Kino playing 2-3 ive herd some like spetznaz guy and it isnt Nikolai or Takeo etc. anyway you normally get special quotes
  6. i will be using mostly smgs and sniper rifles but we cant pick 2 things so im also looking forward to using the (death machine) minigun
  7. search up on youtbe henrys channel recording 3 in it they say "A LIE IS A LIE" and it repeats and in other vids of his it talks about one of the packages, Dr Maxis and Group 935 and also GK so theres your proof carbon but anyway GKNOVA0 is now at gknova2.co and it says "do we play tricks on you?" :D
  8. Since Carbon locked the other one here is a new topic
  9. a new thing for GKN0
  10. there is another base i nevada where the military vehicles go underground through a small hill
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