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  1. I think that HE is referring to either Richtofen or Maxis for the following reasons. Richtofen We all know that Stullinger can hear Richtofen, and we all know that he is part of the flesh. I think that by eating the flesh of zombies they gain the ability to hear Richtofen. Maxis HE could be referring to Maxis, he talks to team and gives them commands, but when on Green Run he told us that while the power being on would interfere with communications and you don't hear from him again until you turn the power off. Maybe wherever The Flesh are, there are similar interferences stopping Maxis from communicating.
  2. I totally agree with you there, but this thread is also the kind of thing that would turn people away. The vast majority of codz members and indeed zombie players don't have the classic maps so a post saying that as we didn't get hardened then we don't deserve the classic maps isn't going to go down well.
  3. I'm kind of saddened at the existence of this thread... This kind of thing is nothing new... games companies do this all the time. A new blockbuster game is released with a standard edition and also a deluxe edition that has a bit of DLC and a crappy book that you will never read and maybe some stickers or some shit... You convince yourself that you really need the DLC so you pay an extra £20/$20. You are happy with things until you realise you can get the DLC separately and feel cheated. But you're not, you bought the hole package with all its crappy books and shitty stickers, you didn't by an exclusive right to the DLC. The hardened edition and prestige editions were only a limited run, and they get bought up quickly, a lot of them go to people who imediately try to sell them on at an inflated price. How is it fair that people who missed out on a hardened edition or didn't have the stupid money needed to buy the prestige edition have no option to get the classic maps. Since Black Ops has been released people have been desperate to get the classic maps I myself one of them. Treyarch listen to the fans and are trying to give them what they want, they care about the fans so much that they are even trying to do something for the people who bought the special editions, even though they don't have to and almost all other companies wouldn't in this situation. You say that you would buy the DLC to support the developers, but really what you have done by creating this thread is give them a big slap in the face. They've tried to do something for you, and you've just told them to f*ck off... and thrown it right back in their faces. I used to have a lot of respect for you TheOnlyShapeshifter but with this thread you have just lost a lot of it... Comments like you bought the prestige just for the classic maps, but you don't like the classic maps because they are crap, and that you don't want the new "FREE" map because it looks crap, just make you look like a spoilt child. I'm not wanting to get into an argument over this, I just hope you can read over what you've said and understand what people are saying.
  4. I think the auto turrets are a bit crap anyway, its not like the electric traps on kino or the fire traps on ascension, those kill anything that tries to get through, the auto turrets don't hit everything and I often got a nasty surprise thinking I'd be safe so I stopped using them. Also I don't think its just auto turrets that are making less of an appearance, its traps in general. I think 3arc are trying to make it more difficult by removing them, I still think that the spikes on shangri la were meant to impale the zombies but after play testing they found it too easy. I mean why else would the spikes hurt you if they don't hurt the zombies...
  5. Hey don't get me wrong, I thought it was an interesting idea, but like you I don't quite follow it, I don't really see Richtofens need to have a UFO, he doesn't need to go to the moon for E115 when there is a tonne of it hanging around Shangri la doing nothing. He must be making some kind of weapon or a way to control the zombies. The zombies are like his children but they don't do what he is telling them. My guess is its some kind of mass mind control Also I don't like being told that I got it wrong when he worded it incorrectly, I've no problem with copying and pasting, like I said before its still research.
  6. When i said Wrote, i ment Posted. -__- but i can see why you got it wrong! I didn't get it wrong... you did... You quite clearly said,
  7. Man I'm not ripping on the guy for copying and pasting stuff, its still research, but don't claim that you wrote it. @TheCrows, thats a pretty interesting read, brains awarded.
  8. I'm not flamming or trolling but you didn't write that passage, you copied and pasted it, except for the last paragraph. You can find that passage in numerous place with a google search. It's an interesting idea though, but I still think he's building some kind of instrument to control the zombies.
  9. One thing is puzzling me, if the monkeys do indeed steal power ups, why is it that the one in the video runs right passed one? This makes me think they don't actually steal them, but are part of some reward bonus round for doing something... Or maybe the monkey will only drop a power up provided you kill it within a timelimit.
  10. It gets better when you read the full sentence :facepalm:
  11. Totally agree with you Alpha, there is something quite different about the zombie that snatched Romero. The way it moved it seemed much quicker, also dragging someone off is new behaviour. Another question I would like answering is why take Romero, why not take one of the others? It seems Romero was picked for some reason. As for the stair case in the lighthouse, I also thought that this would go further down and that there was some way to melt the ice, but I believe someone has no-clipped down there and apparently all there is, is what you can see. I originally thought there maybe elephants down there in some testing lab or something
  12. I thought exactly the same thing when reading the original post...
  13. but escalation was adverstised WAY baefore crysis 2's map pack was announced. Yeah thanks to that slip up at Game in Australia we saw posters titled escalation, if the name did change it changed months and months ago.
  14. There has to be a way of getting through that ice, I'm convinced that the staircase goes further down. Also has anyone else noticed that the intel mentions a zipline at the top of the lighthouse that the crew just can't get working, I've had a number of times when I can't use this zipline even when i've opened the other boat up... Is this a coincidence????
  15. Second That....How do I give Brains? Click on the green thumb icon to the right of the post... I don't know, I still think retaliation is kind of final, ie each side would keep retaliating until the war was won...

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