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    The Flesh

    I think the radio messages are just from other people who have also been contacted by Maxis to complete his task, and for whatever reason were unsuccessful. I don't believe them to be any one special. I think the only thing that separates the new crew from the people on the radios is that we have Samuel, who can of course hear Richtofen as well. I also believe that Xieon is right in that since all this began, there has been a severe shortage of food, which would have lead to some becoming desperate and eating expired zombies. The consumption of the mutated flesh leads to the ability to hear Richtofen, I think this was seen as some form of miracle and then lead to the creation of The Flesh as a new religious sect believing that they gain special abilities by eating zombie flesh and embraced it in a ritualistic manner.
  2. I think that HE is referring to either Richtofen or Maxis for the following reasons. Richtofen We all know that Stullinger can hear Richtofen, and we all know that he is part of the flesh. I think that by eating the flesh of zombies they gain the ability to hear Richtofen. Maxis HE could be referring to Maxis, he talks to team and gives them commands, but when on Green Run he told us that while the power being on would interfere with communications and you don't hear from him again until you turn the power off. Maybe wherever The Flesh are, there are similar interferences stopping Maxis from communicating.
  3. latt81

    The Flesh

    I quite like the link from enlightenment to Buddhism, but when I first heard the flesh talking about enlightenment my first thought was that of the Illuminati. The Illuminati are also always striving for enlightenment and to learn of long forgotten secrets. Also there have been many references to the Illuminati in previous maps such as graphetti on walls and Illuminati symbology such pyramids.
  4. Ok so I watched the video last night, and I'm sorry to have wasted everyones time, but all 3 things are easily explained. I'll make sure to watch the footage before I post in future. :oops: Firstly, the random guy came down on the quick revive elevator, picked up a trample steam and went back up on the elevator while I was busy knifing zombies with an insta kill. Secondly, the trample steams disappeared because one of my team mates was a douche and tried to cook a nade but never let go, so it downed him and blew up all 3 trample steams. Thirdly, he didnt' get revived the random guy tried to revive him through the wall but couldn't, he actually bled out just as the round ended and was brought back to life pretty much instantly. Again thanks for the responses guys, sorry to have wasted your time.
  5. sounds like the most plausible explanation, I'll let you know how I get on, thanks for the replies.
  6. I'll watch the footage tonight, and try and post an explanation, if I can't explain it I'll try and record it in hd on my phone. I forgot you can view recent matches.
  7. I don't think it was you but it might have been lol, this happened to me last night at around 10pm (GMT) on Xbox. I'm certain that the random guy never entered the room where you build the trample steam , and we waited in that room until the jumpers arrived so no trample steams had left that room. My only guess as to what happened is that we maybe put our trample steams too far back (too close to the broken wall next to quick revive elevator) and the random guy was able to somehow pick them up from the room behind us through the broken wall... but that doesn't explain that fact that the 3 of us got downed in the middle of the room, but then one of us was instantly revived ... I think I need to study the video tonight to see if I can figure it out, I forget zombies has this feature now :D
  8. I've searched for this but couldn't find anything so I apologise if this has already been posted, but last night I was playing Die rise with 2 other guys with mics and a random without a mic and some pretty odd stuff happened. After some faffing around we manager to build the trample steam thanks to the random running off and doing his own thing. So on round 5 the jumping b****rds turn up, me and the guys line up our trample steams next to the quick revive elevator in the hope the random (who doesn't have a trample steam) doesn't shoot at them and we can get a free perk. Everything seems to be going well, and no one has fired yet, we've killed about 5 jumpers with the trample steams. Then all 3 trample steams just disappear simultaneously, from right in front of us leaving us suddenly quite vulnerable and the 3 of us get downed by still not wanting to shoot. Next one of us is no longer downed and a jingle plays, he is now able to revive me and the other guy. We then hear a trample steam going off somewhere, and we look through the broken wall next to the quick revive elevator and we can see the random guy running around with a trample steam in the middle of the room... wtf!!! I've seen trample steams break, but never 3 disappear simultaneously, and how did the random get one without going down into the room where you build it... Anyone else seen anything like this happening?
  9. This is my take on the new "Jumping Jack" crawlers and where they come from. As we all know, when Samantha was in control of the zombies she would send in the hell hounds every could of rounds, and when we were at Kino we saw both hell hounds and nova 6 crawlers. I think that Richtofen since taking over control of the zombies has somehow managed to combined the two, giving the crawlers the ability to teleport in and increased agility. I don't think that the new crawlers are an evolution as that would have taken too long to happen, these creatures have been engineered to be this way, but by who? To me Richtofen would be the prime candidate, and since he can now control "magical" objects (mystery box, and drops) whats to say he can't use magic to engineer new zombies.
  10. No you are right, throwing a monkey into the furnace has nothing to do with the easter egg on der reise, the monkey squeals like a piggy and samantha tells you off, but its nothing to do with the flytrap, I've heard that throwing a monkey into any fire will cause it to squeal. I've often heard the monkeys saying things after being thrown...
  11. I hope this is true, I haven't played for a couple of days, but I always have trouble when a group turn on me and corner me. I've thought for a long time that you should be able to push your way through between them.
  12. Anyone noticed how the question mark in the double barrel shotgun room has moved position between the solo and multiplayer loading screens. The solo screen has it in the bottom right corner, but multiplayer its in the middle....
  13. Yellow card you are right, there wasn't really a need for this thread, you should have just added your comment to one of the threads already about this. And as for what the zombie panel said, I think you can read anything you want. I think Moon was always meant to be the finale for the current story line, and maybe the next map was meant to be Paris. In this case maybe they decided/had to bring us the end sooner, than planned. Who knows...? Treyarch play their hands very close to their chest.
  14. thats a bit of a bugger... The plus point of being a bit crappy about shooting zombles is that I rarely live to see the excavators start
  15. Can more than one excavator be active at a time? I've not really spent much time playing moon, I've been mainly battering the [email protected] maps
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