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  1. I doubt that. They are going to bring something new to the table, I think. well the first three steps are Legit ... we will never know untill its finish..
  2. sarah michelle gellar says something about the zombies in the moon when she gets the crossbow from the box..
  3. did any1 see the spinning ray gun?? .. i think that will be one of the effects of the QED....
  4. it seems it came from the ground.. i think it was the QED...
  5. i also notice that when ur outside u cant hear the zombies or gunfire..
  6. its just a Fire Sale... :facepalm:
  7. M14-grip dual asp claymores flak jacket scout pro marathon spy plane counter blackbird month-Oct
  8. Oh ok I gotcha now And how do we know FIVE is last? That outbreak occurs in 1962, but the one in Call of the Dead is in 2011. well i think in richtofen's eyes the futrue is kino and far in the future is Cotd and Five is in the middle but its the last map becausof the outbreak..
  9. Five is the last outbreak.. because its during the zombie outbreak
  10. well heres mine if been 15 prestige when i had 10 days.. (this is from 7/15/11) Statics: Time played: 26 days 2 hours 35 mins 20 sec Total Wins: 4273 Total loses: 2135 Ratio: 2.01 Best Streak: 41 Kills: 81,652 Deaths: 35,028 KDR: 2.36 Assist: 9073 Accuracy: 18.79% Headshots: 5520 Best Kill Streak: 49 Top 3 most Fav/Kills weapon: M14: 11,270 Mp5k: 5469 ASP: 1339 Top 3 most Fav killstreak: Spy Plane: 10,169 Counter: 3410 Blackbird: 411 gold guns have them all.. best K/d in a match .. 22..
  11. could the saw thing be the bowie knife..
  12. wow.. so detailed.... or it can before the zombie outbreak... ..
  13. r u on ps3 or xbox.. XBOX. He said Gamer Tag not Username well i see alot of ps3 users that say GT.. just makeing sure..
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