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  1. u just get the death machine if some1 has the dg2
  2. in the last radio in shangri-la the british guy says the same thing in the first radio... i dont see anything about a paradox or brock saying anything about a paradox the EE repeats so no matter wat there stuck in time..
  3. in the last radio in shangri-la the british guy says the same thing in the first radio...
  4. i like useing the m14 alot and when i kill ppl they say that im hacking or the m14 is overpowerd.. and i say bitch stfu the m14 needs more skill than ur 74u..
  5. [Actually, the Uzi really sucks. :roll: the uzi has been fixed.. less recoil while aiming down the sight
  6. i dont think its the smg but more on the plyer than the gun.. u might need to be more skilledful with them (except the 74u need no skill at all) SMG'S arnt made to go head on with an assault rifle or with anything else...smg's are more on flanking and CQ.. ur not gonna snipe some1 with a mac11, but get closer to that person and flank them. u also gotta know the maps.. i use alot of single fire weapons and pistols then fullauto but i dont go head to head ill get raped, but like i said flanking and speed is the smg's best friend.. i can still dominate with the silance uzi with scout pro and my asp.. btw i also hate the dumbass snipers out there mostly on SnD.. running with the sinper come on man pull out ur pistols.. or quickscoping from a long range, just hardscope .. i know im not the greatest sniper but im smarter than the some of the dumbass snipers out there, dont get me wrong if ur super good at snipping then ill give u props, but still ply smart.. mostly on SnD sorry if i got a liitle off topic, hope this helps or not ...
  7. do u know the color of the dials in each floor i have ps3.. because i might be on to something..
  8. so wat really happens when u put these numbers in the lighthouse dials Yellow-2 Orange-7 Blue-4 Purple-6 or 9...
  9. here is video of the Lighthouse Dial Code Paper Locations i dont own so dont sue rMAFoqO71Mo
  10. or do the fog horns attract zombies 4 a while .. :idea:

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