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  1. As you may all know, those monsters shown in the newest trailer kinda showed up all of a sudden without any real context behind. While I wasn't really looking forward to the monster, it's just probably another special round. It does suck that everyone thinks that the monster will "ruin" Black Ops Zombies by turning it into Extinction, but if you dig a little deeper, they make total sense for them to be there, as well as for the sudden Shadow Man intrusion. In short, the monsters come from Agartha itself (or the Aether, kinda rusty on my zombie knowledge). The reason for me to think this is that the Shadow Man seems like an entity who neither wants to help the SoE people nor to harm them. He just wants to go back to the way it was before; the way before ALL of the events in the zombie storyline happened. What I'm trying to say here is that The Shadow Man is Mictlantecuhtli, Hades, etc you name it... it all leads to the same entity we all know: The Devil. All he wants to do is take over the Aether once again as its rightful owner. He is the original announcer, and we see him in Mob of the Dead, the map that has a complex story that stands on its own, seemingly unrelated to the events happening during BO2. This takes place before Samantha arrives, because it's setting up his "job" as the announcer. It's just for the player to know the Devil does exist and it's doing his job in this universe, so this map can be justified. This map had the main theme of punishment throughout the whole story, where those four prisoners had to atone for the sins they committed while they were alive. This is purgatory, and the Devil is doing its job of punishing sinners until the end of times. Of course, the EE happened and the cycle of endless torment was broken somehow. I believe that with this act of "defilement," The Shadow Man can work out a plan where he is able to come back to power using his will-be "army of sinners." The story in Shadows of Evil would originally be like MotD, where sinners are suffering over and over again, this time would our new characters. Since this purgatory had already been created prior to Samantha taking over, they are still intact and therefore Shadow Man still reigns over a small part of the Aether, although Sam takes control of the zombies this time. We have never seen the Aether or even Agartha in any map before, so what lies inside is still up to our imagination. One thing is for sure, though, the Aether controls Agartha to a certain extent. It doesn't matter where the monsters exactly come from, but we know the Shadow Man can bring them from their realm to mess around in his small part of purgatory (a la Cerberus in MotD). With this he has one goal in mind: break the cycle yet again, but manipulating the victims into helping him. The monsters are only something that will speed up the process of breaking the cycle since it's something that is clearly not in the original purgatory loop, and it's the only thing he can control other than the zombies. Now if you take a look at the monsters, you can see tentacles everywhere, multiple heads, mouths, etc. Surely you don't find these monsters familiar, but what if I refresh your memory by mentioning the name H.P. Lovecraft. He's the guy behind the Cthulhu mythos, and there's this Elder God that's been mentioned before: Nyarlathotep. In the story he is described as a creature who can shapeshift into anything, and he is also shown to be a young gentleman who goes around the world causing bad things to happen. There's also this old belief from the 1900s where people believed the Devil had a mustache and wore a top hat. If you combine those two legends you get a creature that was born before time, whose existence is said to be the most evil in the universe, walking around Chicago with a top hat, which is right up our alley with the Aether and the original announcer's current situation. He's downright manipulating people with their past sins into helping him, possibly promising their freedom and a pardon. If all goes as planned, these four guys will break the cycle and go to the new world after Buried or mess around in the new timeline Origins and The Giant are creating, and somehow help him go back to his old days of peace and torturing people. Possibly he has tried contacting the O4 before (like in Kino) but he just couldn't completely interfere with Samantha since she has control over reality, but here, he can mess with the reality he himself has created. And thus, this is all a big game to Shadow Man to get back his old job. I think it really fits within the theme of MotD and the announcer's intentions It's been fun trying to come up with a theory after all this time, but I really should go back and review some of the old stuff to piece the story back together and be ready this November. If there's anything that I'm missing please bring it up, or just correct me if I'm wrong. I'm hoping to see theories like this posted everyday like back in the old days, since I kind of miss all that speculation in BO1. Hopefully The Giant will start closing the loop of this large, complex storyline we have all followed since a long time ago. TL;DR monsters are from agartha, shadow man is the devil aka original announcer trying to correct all the damage we have done to an extent
  2. Hey dude, you feeling okay? I mean, it's just a game right? The "better company" always gets the better deal right? That's what many Xbox users have told the PS community for the past few years. This honestly was a surprise for me, because we've always been dealing with one month waits since forever ago. While I really would like it to be "equal," I think it's PS's turn now. What you are feeling right now, we've always felt it. All those times the new maps get released, all I did was watch the livestreams and discovering the new map alongside the easter egg. Sure, it's fun, it made me kinda sad that I couldn't play them at the time, but I always played the hell out of them once we got them. We couldn't discover an easter egg anymore, but we still could do it by ourselves. You legit sound like an elitist who considers Xbox is so much better than PS. At the end of the day, it's just a console preference. Hell, I was going to buy an Xbox One just for the DLC exclusivity too, but after that disastrous E3 2013 it made me reconsider my decision. So far, I'm loving it, all these exclusives that I always liked on my PS3 are still here, and I can't wait for the new Uncharted. I knew I had to wait another month for the DLC but it's okay, I was used to it already, no biggie. I kinda saw it coming, since the PS4 took the lead this generation, so it was just a matter of time. So yeah dude, just calm down and wait like we did for many years. No reason to get all mad, just adapt to changes.
  3. What? Are you serious? I need some source on that dude, this is something big.
  4. All of these theories are really good, but in my opinion, this is too far-fetched considering that the Weasel has just been introduced. I really want to believe all this, but I can't really see it happening. If maybe Treyarch had foreshadowed this entire plot with the Weasel responsible, I would certainly see this happening. :|
  5. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the possibility of the dog being the one and only Fluffy! We never knew what happened with her after that little incident, but now that there are tons of zombies in Alcatraz back in the 1930's because of time travel, why can't Fluffy join the party? Everyone is saying this map could reveal all of the origins of the zombies, box, and all other stuff so why not reveal Fluffy's misadventures?
  6. Yesterday I was playing Tranzit with some friends, and when we got to the Diner, the bus driver said something about cross-referencing points.
  7. So, I'm not supposed to receive an e-mail with a special code or something? Or should I go to a Gamestop so I can get my code?
  8. Nebok, I don't think you understand that in Black Ops 2 we are getting experimental weapons, not the actual, completed thing. How many times have we seen Treyarch place stuff in their games that weren't supposed to be in the games timeline? Hundreds and thousands of times. But who know? Maybe you are correct. Let's just wait 'till we get the trailer.
  9. Huh? Where are the files you were browsing? Can you post a picture or the whole mumbo-jumbo here please?
  10. I just think, I jizzed. EVERYWHERE
  11. lol it's not Call of Duty Zombies Live. That sounds like a show for little kids It's probably Call of Duty Zombies Lab, not Live. I really want to see this NOW!
  12. I am completely agreeing with you Carbon. Right now I am sending a PM to PTG on youtube. I am apologizing for everything I have done, from starting flame wars to disliking every song they released, even though I liked it. Just because those songs were from a site/band that I hated for the hoax, it doesn't mean I have to hate on them even though they were quite good. I would love to play with Benn, and even talk with him sometimes...as friends. I have to say that I am not in completely agreement with them saying 'Z' is completely true, and some comments saying they are the best thing ever. Anyone has their opinions anyways. I also forgive them about all the HL and GKNOVA0 stuff, but you have to give them props because it was believable. Now I am out of here
  13. Maybe it is a spiked Bouncing Betty, but the angle of it is by looking it from above :3
  14. Maybe we get to replace Richtofen with a hot grown-up Sam in a while like Dempsey requested ...she has been growing after all...right...? She's still not a little kid y'know...
  15. Anyone been to a Jungle Cruise attraction in Disneyland, or a Indiana Jones movie? You probably been to one of those, or both. The point here is that you've seen the infamous shrunken heads. You know, those little deformed human heads used as trophies or luck charms. Here is a little story I made up which is kind of interesting but could explain the 31-79 JGb215's origin. The tribes around the Amazon Rainforest were in the search for shelter, food, and resources mainly because of the epidemic seasons. They traveled to find more spiritual power to hardness their religious life when they found the Spaniards searching for human life. Upon contacting the tribes, the Spaniards took them to explorations around the world (mainly America and Eurasia) to aid with their exploration instinct. [circa 1500-1800] With the time, people from the tribe escaped, forming new tribes through the Old World, mating with natives. Throughout the years the people moved to Asia, discovering the legends of the realm of Agartha. The tribe began to learn about Buddhism's teachings, no matter how much time it took, the teachings enlighting them and knew their true purpose: To spread the teachings to their origins. [they escaped by 1800 and moved to Asia by the 1860] Knowing they couldn't return to their homeland, they asked monks and lamas for help. The monks knew they were pure hearted, and guided them to the Himalayas, knowing they will find what they were searching, and even things unimaginable. The tribe got prepared for the long journey to the unknown, and by that time, an amateur called Sven Hedling was also preparing for a long journey throughout Asia, heading for the same goal unkown for the tribe: Shambala. After years of journey, the tribe found a cave that lead down to the centers of the earth, more formally, the kingdom of Agartha. The people who where protecting the entrance let them in, knowing their hearts were pure, not like Sven Hedling's crew, who were rejected. In the Agartha, the tribe knew the true meaning of peace, where no one can suffer pain, stress, and no one can age. But not even that could stop them to spread the teachings to their people in the Amazon. They got help from various people to know where was the tunnel entrance to leave to South America, but they thought to bring gifts to the people, to know how peaceful Buddhism can be, but also to cause the people to know they are supreme in everything. They stayed some years to delevop some useful tools since Agartha had highly developed technology, having flying saucers that came in to Agartha by a small tunnel in Antartica, and an exit by a large tunnel in the North Pole. They were told that the saucers actually helped some foreign civilizations with construction and also spread the teachings. (this would explain the saucer/plane/shooting star on the trailer) After years passed by, the tribe were thinking about the life back at the Amazon, hunting, shrinking heads, rituals, sacrifices... They began to work on a device that made shrinking heads easier. When they almost finished working on it, the King of Shambala was pretty awared that they were thinking all of those things and decided to expell them and their inventions. When they got out of Agathar, they began the search for their original tribe. After months of searching, they finally found their old village, but thousands of corpses and a swastika in each and every one of them. Trying to know what happened, they remember monks telling them the world will be soon in danger. They got their unfinished shrinking device, to use it on a corpse to see if it worked, and found out it half-worked, shrinking all the body. They declared war on the Nazis that killed their village, using the device to do kill them by stomping through the now-small troops. After this happened, the Nazis found out about the device and all the story of Shambala, since they heard them talk and kidnapped one. The Nazis killed all the tribe, to make a super colony for the Fuhrer's master plan. After recovering all the designs and the technology, the Nazis send it back to Germany, with Hitler demanding an expedition to Shambala right away meanwhile the device comes into researching by Group 935. The Nazi explorers went right away and settled in an abandoned Tibetan city they called Shangri-La, not knowing it was actually ruins to an entrance to Shambala, with a little taste of Agathar. They made a water system to make electricity, an elaborate minecart system and discovered as much data possible to try and get help to conquer the world from Agathar. They also got more information about the flying saucers by some paintings in the wall. They tried to bypass the guard, but they got cursed and all of them transform to zombies, and all the dead natives around Shangri-La to protect the entrance from foreign strangers. END, until Shangri-La comes out, then I will update. By this I am saying that the gun's true purposes are shriking heads, but they couldn't finish the gun in time, making it shrinking all the body and not only the head. Maybe Richtofen knew all about this Shambala thing and the 31-79 JGb215 and maybe needs the gun and to PaP it (finishing the device completely), getting the keys to Shambala (I don't remember where I heared this...) to go to Shambala, which maybe now is combined with the Aether Realm and shoot Samantha with it to make her rest forever. The shrunken heads actually serve a purpose, to harness the spirit of that enemy (Sam) and compel him to serve the shrinker (to help Richtofen take over the world in this case). It was said to prevent the soul from avenging his death also... What is Sam doing, people? Avenging her father and her over their death. There were three fundamental spirits: Wakani - innate to humans thus surviving their death. (Zombies, spirits) Arutam - literally "vision" or "power", protects humans from a violent death. (Maxis teleporting Sam and "trapping" her in the Aether Realm.) Muisak - vengeful spirit, which surfaces when an arutam spirit-carrying person is murdered. (Sam) To block the last spirit from using its powers, they decided to sever their enemies' heads and shrink them. But Richtofen didn't had the instruments to make this at the time being, so he makes a long journey to get the devices required to do this. Although you may think why does he believes on this things, well, Richtofen did knew about Shambala, and probably knew about the things occured at Shangri-La, so he isn't taking any chances. Thank you for reading all this It took me a while to think the whole story but it's kind of ineteresting isn't it? Well I appreciate any suggestions or ideas about this I will update this when some Shangri-La easter eggs come up.
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